Sam’s Club Furniture Return Policy (all You Need To Know)

If you’re looking for furniture, you can’t do much better than Sam’s Club. But if you’re a bargain hunter, Sam’s has some of the best prices around.

You can get a sofa, chair, and ottoman for $50.
You can get a dining table, and chairs for $100.

But, if you’re a big-time bargain hunter, you can also get a dining room set for $130.

You need to buy and return the furniture because you had a bad experience with the company. This is a very rare case.

So you might be wondering what exactly is your rights to return your furniture? Here are answers to your most common questions about Sam’s Club Furniture Return!

Sam’s Club Furniture Return Policy In 2022

Sam’s Club has a furniture return policy where any items can be returned after one year as of 2022. If the item is damaged upon purchase, then it can be returned with no receipt required, and a 30% restocking fee.

If you want to learn more about how to return furniture both in-store and for online purchases, continue reading.

How Long Do You Have To Return Furniture At Sam’s Club?

We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but will be limited in the number of returns we can do at any given time.

However when you bring your furniture back from the store, you can decide as long as you do it within the time limit.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase of the items you bought at Sam’s Club you will usually get a refund or a replacement of the item.

If you think there’s a problem with the return policy, please contact your store manager or go to the Customer Care Center at 1-800-527-8936.

Can You Return Used Furniture At Sam’s Club?

If the store opened the furniture, it’s not eligible for return. A store representative or manager can contact the manufacturer to see if new furniture is available, or if the used furniture is eligible for replacement. If the item is eligible, the customer can either wait for the store to find the replacement, or return the item to Sam’s Club and receive a credit for the replacement or store credit. If you have any questions, contact the Sam’s Club Customer Service department.

(2) You may return the item to us in its original condition via UPS or FedEx, but in order to return it to us, you need to ship it back to us via UPS or FedEx. And you should ship it back to us via UPS or FedEx.

Additionally, if you try and return a piece of furniture with severe damage (such as a broken armrest or stained furniture), Sam’s Club will likely deny your return.

Can You Return Damaged Furniture At Sam’s Club?

When you buy furniture from Sam’s Club, you can return it for an exchange if there is damage that you did not cause. You can also return it for a refund if you are not satisfied with the item.

When returning an item in-store, simply bring the original packaging and return carton that came with the furniture to the store to have an employee help you. You can go online and choose to return a damaged piece of furniture.

When you buy one of these, you must come to the nearest Walmart store for a refund of this or the full retail price of the item.

Orders made in stores can only be returned in-store. We do not accept returns online for orders made in stores.

When you return an item to the store you’ll want to be sure and bring it to the Membership Desk first so that they can ring it up for you. Otherwise, they can’t ring it up as a return.

Sam’s Club will refund your money if you have the item in your cart, even if it’s not on sale.

A lot of people used to think that it was impossible to run a site like this, or any site for that matter. They have been convinced that they have nothing they can do to help out.

At Sam’s Club, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs, so you’ll have more money for your new furniture purchases.

When making returns, shop for a receipt for you can print out and send it with the return, or use our Returns App or Contact Us to make any other returns.

After you’ve filled out the ‘Returns Form,’ print the shipping label. Then, attach it to your package and send it to the delivery company.

_____ is the current shipping time for Sam’s Club orders. ____ is the estimated return shipping time.

The company will give you a full refund for the original price of the dining room set, chairs, or other furniture items.

The only thing that we can do is to offer you a store credit for a value of your purchase.

If You Don’t Have A Receipt Can You Return Furniture At Sam’s Club?

At Sam’s Club, bringing your receipt along will speed up the return process. However, this is not something that should have to be done by customers, and a Sam’s Club employee is required to accept the return without a receipt.

But if you don’t have your receipt you may be able to get additional help from Sam’s Club through their membership number.

You can also find your purchase history on their website if you have an account. If you log in to your account, it will tell you where you bought your product.

What Kinds Of Furniture Does Sam’s Club Sell?

Sam’s Club gives their members a great selection of furniture options for every room in your home.

Whether or not you are looking for a new couch, dining room set, or outdoor furniture, Sam’s Club has several inexpensive products available.

The types of furniture that Sam’s Club sells include pieces for the following departments: Kitchen, Living Room, Family Room, Bedrooms, Dining Room, Pantry, and Office.

To learn more about what Sam’s Club delivers and what return and replacement policies are like, you should also read up on Sam’s Club mattress return policy, and the Sam’s Club return policy, and if Sam’s Club delivers furniture and mattresses.


You can return items online when you purchase them at Sam’s Club. However, you cannot return items in-store when you buy them there.

This means that you will not have to be concerned with getting a receipt if you are doing furniture returns. Also, if the box has already been opened, the items need not to be in their original box.

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