Ikea Rug Return Policy [your Full Guide]

ikea is the largest furniture retailer in the world, they have a variety of rugs that you can use to add to your home.

If you find that a rug you bought from IKEA doesn’t work out for you, you can get a refund. But if the rug you bought from IKEA was a gift, you aren’t eligible for a refund.

IKEA Rug Return Policy 2022

ikea does not accept returns on the first year unless the items are defective or you have no receipt. if the product is defective, you have to return it to IKEA and pay the return shipping. they also do not accept returns on the second year unless the item is defective. otherwise, ikea does not accept returns.

But if you really want to know how to return a rug to IKEA, the process for doing so, and whether you can return without a receipt, keep on reading!

On What Conditions Can You Return A Rug To IKEA?

You can return any piece of IKEA furniture that you bought in a store, you have a receipt of purchase, and that it is the piece that you are returning to IKEA.
You can return a piece of furniture that came with a free gift. These free gifts are part of the IKEA furniture delivery service. They are not covered by our general warranty.

If your country is not listed as a participating country on the website, or the product has already been delivered to you and you are trying to get a refund, please contact us at support@theshortshor.club.

What Is The Time Limit For Returning A Rug To IKEA?

There is no policy that the customers can return any item within 365 days. Also, the customer can change his mind to buy it back or not as it is his personal decision.

However, we have learned from IKEA employees that stores are not very strict with this 365 days limit. If you live within an IKEA franchise, you can keep this receipt up to 5 years (unless you throw it away).

If you return a rug, no refund will be given.

Returns will be accepted for a refund if:
1. The rug is in the original condition as sold.
2. The original packaging is not torn, damaged or destroyed, and the return form has not been altered.
3. The rug has not been altered from the as sold condition.
4. The rug has not been used or washed.

If you are not satisfied with your rug, please contact our customer service. Store credits will be applied to your original method of payment, with the amount of credits equaling the lowest advertised price of the rug.

Please note that for returns, store credits could not be applied to the original method of payment. Refunds are processed within 7 days of receiving the rug.

How Can You Return A Rug To IKEA?

You can return the rug via mail. Make sure to keep the original packaging. If the rug is damaged or not in good condition, please send a picture to us within 3 days of receiving the rug (with the original packaging) for an inspection. The inspection fee is 10%.

To verify the information that you enter during the order process, you will be asked to present your photo ID. This will save your information in the database of IKEA so that when you return for a future order, the computer will recognize you and process your order more quickly.

If you paid using a credit or debit card, don’t forget to bring that exact card along with you and show the store clerk your card to process the refund.

 If you want to send the rug back, you must first download the return slip from IKEA’s return site and send the original receipt. Please note that you will have to cover the shipping costs for this.

Can You Return An Opened Rug To IKEA?

This is what IKEA calls a “customer return”. If you have decided to return a rug to IKEA, you have to mail it to IKEA with the original tags intact, and the rug should be in its original condition. The original tag should be on the back of the rug.

Can You Return A Rug To IKEA Without The Receipt?

If you are returning the item to IKEA, you may either bring the item along with you, or you may send the item to IKEA using the pre-paid mail box on the website. The latter is a faster process.

The store credit is valid towards the purchase price of the same product from another online store in the last 12 months, or if the item sold is equivalent or higher in quality to the rug you purchased. In either case, the store credit is valid towards the purchase price of the item.

To learn more, you can find our full guide on returning products and items to IKEA without a receipt on our site.

Can You Return A Rug To IKEA Without the Original Manufacturer’s Tags?

If you are unsure whether or not the rug you have been given a tag for is real,
you should contact Ikea for more information. The store will then determine whether they want to return the item and if a refund will be issued.

For more information regarding whether or not IKEA accepts returns of assembled furniture and damaged furniture, you can read our posts on whether or not to do your own assembly, whether or not to do your own repair, and why you should not be doing your own repair if you cannot follow a repair guide.

Conclusion: IKEA Rug Return Policy

ikea has issued an official statement regarding your query. If you’ve bought any item within the past 365 days, with the original receipt and haven’t torn off the tag, you should be able to get a refund in the form of store credits as long as the item wasn’t damaged.

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