Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt (simply Explained)

[](’s policy allows you to return most items within 30 days.

You can return un-boxed items without a receipt, but that means that Walmart will do a much better job at keeping track of your return. In addition, if you return items from the US, there is a higher chance that the item was never received.

Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt In 2022

Customers can return unopened items to Walmart without a receipt within 90 days of purchase. Customers will need to provide a valid ID and sometimes the original packaging to receive a refund or exchange without a receipt. For purchases under $10, Walmart will provide a cash refund and store credit for purchases over $10.

And before you go, check out this video I made about returning items to Walmart without a receipt. It has the basics covered, but also some great tips and tricks that you didn’t know about!

How Do I Return An Item Without a Receipt At Walmart?

For items that cannot be scanned, you will be offered the option to pay an extra fee to return the item.

When a customer returns a product you will have to confirm that the original packaging is received with the original product receipt, the original bar code, and that they are able to provide the original serial number or bar code.

The refund verification process is used both to determine if the item is available for return and to confirm that you are allowed to return it.

It appears to be for returns.
They’ve looked at the receipt (see what they say) and the product (the size of the ticket).
They are denying a refund because the item is worn or not new.

If you do not have the original packaging, it is sometimes possible for Walmart to find out what you bought, if they are able to trace the transaction using a card number.

What Type of Refund Do I Get for an Item without a Receipt at Walmart?

Walmart has a policy of not accepting returns if there is a receipt. It is much easier for them to process returned merchandise without receipts.

If you return an item without a receipt to Walmart, you will probably not receive a cash refund. Walmart will only give you a store credit when they do a return with a non-receipt.

Walmart has a program called “Bring Back” where returning items without a receipt will give you store credit on your next purchase.

Can I Always Return an Item without a Receipt at Walmart?

you must return the item within Walmart’s return period. The return period is 90 days. The return period starts from the day you got the item. Return to the store you bought the item from. If it was an online purchase, you should return this item to the place you bought it.

To return an item, please use the Walmart return process outlined in the link…

You can’t return items that are not in their original packaging and you will need to pay for all return freight.

If you are unable to return an item because the retailer provides no return policy, contact the retailer to determine if a refund is due and how to obtain a refund. You may be entitled to a refund for the item. Contact the retailer for further information.

Walmart has the right to refuse a return on products for different reasons. Sometimes, Walmart will refuse to accept returns due to different reasons. If you return a Walmart product, it is possible that you could receive a return that is denied.

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You can return your unwanted goods at Walmart. It’s best to make sure to keep all your receipts while doing so. This will help make the process faster and simpler.

Furthermore, if you are frequently not returning items without receipts, Walmart may start to refuse your return.

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