Walmart Underwear Return Policy [without Tags, Used, No Receipt, Bras + More!] 

Walmart’s return policy is simple and easy to follow, but they do not have any information about returning underwear.

Getting the right size is a significant factor in picking the right onesie. These are intimate items, so they may not be returned by Walmart if they are not returned within a reasonable amount of time.

Walmart Underwear Return Policy 2022

 In the past, Walmart has accepted used underwear for a refund or exchange if the underwear was in good condition. This includes bras, boxers, jockstraps, boxers, and panties.

You can buy underwear that has no tags, no receipt, or no receipt, and then return them to Walmart, and they will give you a discount on your next purchase.

Can You Return Underwear To Walmart Without A Receipt?

Walmart will accept underwear (pants, shorts, bras) that has not been used. The item must be in the original packaging and it must not be damaged. The item may be returned within 90 days of purchase.

If you have any packaging with a label, barcode, or brand on them, this can help you get a refund or return as Walmart can see if the item was on their system.

But ultimately, it depends on the customer service associate. If you are approved for a return, you will only be eligible for a store credit.

To read our official Return Policy, see our full Return Policy.

Can You Return Bras To Walmart?

In addition, the company allows certain customers to return certain items such as clothing, footwear, luggage and electronics.

For items that customers have already opened, Walmart can either issue a refund or exchange the item for something else.

Can You Return Used Underwear To Walmart?

If you return the underwear to us, we will give you store credit to buy a new pair of men’s or women’s underwear, or in the case of an adult product, give you a refund.

Worn underwear may be bought to be repaired under Walmart’s warranty. It is possible that the warranty will not cover all repairs, since the underwear would not have been purchased from Walmart.

This sentence is not grammatically correct.

Can You Return Lingerie Sets To Walmart?

Though Walmart has not published a definite return policy regarding underwear and more intimate items, our research suggests that opened unboxed sets in original packaging with the receipt and security tag in place may qualify for a return.

Returning an open or unopened item is not guaranteed to process same-day.

If the item is dirty or shows signs of use, it will be rejected for a return.

Q. Are there any other return policy limitations?

When you shop at, return, and exchange policies vary by product, so please review the return and exchange policy information for the product you want to return.

Can You Return Underwear Without Tags To Walmart?

Walmart cannot replace or repair underwear that is not under warranty. You may be able to have them replaced or repaired under Walmart’s warranty plan. However, this is at the discretion of the store manager.

Does Walmart Have A Warranty Plan For Underwear?

Walmart has a warranty that covers most of it’s products. For clothing items that have a ‘warranty’ section under the listed item, it’s on

This plan provides a guarantee of 90 days, where they are able to replace or repair any damaged items per the policy.

For more details on Walmart’s warranty plan, keep on reading!


Walmart’s underwear return policy is consistent with their typical clothing policy. There is a greater emphasis on undergarments being unworn and in their original packaging.

To get a refund of over US$100 you need to also present a receipt with your items.

It is important to remember that Walmart wants you to have great experiences while shopping with us so we can continue to offer outstanding merchandise in our stores.

Remember that you may still be able to get warranty replacements or repairs regardless of the reason for the refusal, so make sure you ask about this too!

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