Target Underwear Return Policy (Underwear, Bras, Lingerie, No Receipt + More)

In order to take advantage of the market conditions, Target has been opening many stores all over the U.S. recently.
But it has been challenging times for the company.

You can return all your purchased underwear in the same transaction.
You can return panties and bras separately.
You can return the underwear unwashed if the package is sealed.

Target Underwear Return Policy In 2022

Target’s return policy for new and unused undergarments covers the time period from August 2020 to July 2023. If you bought used undergarments, the return policy begins on August 20, 2022. If your undergarments were defective or damaged, the return policy begins on April 20, 2021. You can return undergarments without a receipt if you have alternative proof of purchase.

If you have any kind of question with the return policy at Target, whether you can return underwear without a receipt, or what kind of items you can return, read on!

Can You Return Worn Underwear To Target?

A Target employee can refuse service to an individual who does not have an issued Target receipt.

*If a returned item is damaged or incorrect in any way, it’s not eligible for a refund unless it’s defective or defective in material or workmanship.

**In-store return is not available if the returned item is online-only, and only one brand is available at the time of return.

Also, if you are unhappy with the size of a product you have already purchased, you can always have it exchanged. In fact, if you are unhappy with the way the product looks you can also return it. In fact, you can even return a product even if you never opened the box. If you have returned an item for change of size, you will be issued a refund (minus any shipping charges).

However, If you have mistakenly purchased underwear in an undesired size, then you will be able to return it for a refund or exchange.

I have some questions that relate to the policy that the items must not be worn.

Can You Return Bras To Target?

 The item must be in its original condition to be accepted for an exchange or full refund.

Make sure to keep the tags and labels attached, so you can return or exchange the bra for another size once you’ve tried it on.

In addition to that, keep an eye on your e-bills and the bills of your utility company, to see if any of those have been altered. If you find one or both of these altered, contact us immediately.

Can You Return Lingerie To Target?

Lingerie sets are clothing items, and therefore, you may not return them.

So it’s not clear if Target considers lingerie (or even clothing) to be considered “warrantyable goods” and therefore not returnable at all.

If you find that your lingerie has become damaged after unpacking and unpacking it again, we will accept returns.

Can You Return Underwear To Target Without A Receipt?

If you no longer have the packing slip from the shipping of your order, Target will still accept your return if you can provide alternative proof of purchase such as the packaging of the product you purchased.

That’s right, if Target stores can see your original payment method and can see the original transaction amount, they can try to reverse that transaction and send you a credit if you’ve bought too much (e.g. they are refunding the difference between what you really paid and what you thought you were paying).

Even if you get a receipt from the store, it isn’t guaranteed that it will be found.

In cases where you can’t find the product you are looking for, Target may offer you a refund in the form of a merchandise return card.

This is the same as the regular proof of purchase but the rules are slightly different. It can be used for returns that are accepted, and for which proof of payment is not available. This is the appropriate thing to use when you have a gift card with a balance on it, for example.

If you have an account online, you can find your receipts there. It is worth checking out before you visit the store.

Can You Return Underwear To Target After 90 Days?

Target says that the policy for returns differs by state. Some states have a 90-day window, while others have a 1-year window. Some states have a policy that returns can only be accepted after you return the original underwear.

Although, it happens to me, I still buy the food and don’t care. I mean, I can go to the store and ask if they will sell my old food, but that’s like asking a friend’s mom if she will buy your old clothes. It’s not the same.

Additionally, in case of a RedCard purchase, you have the option to return the underwear within three months, which is 30 days after the purchase.

Target won’t accept returns on your Target-owned brand at any time after you take the item out of the store.

How Will You Receive The Refund?

We only support the refund for the payment method you used to purchase the item, so if you want to refund to a different payment method, please contact us at directly.

Refunds for third-party credit cards will be refunded 1-3 days after the order date.

This is because refunds are only reimbursed by the manufacturer and in cases of returns, it takes up to 5 days for the refund to come because it has to be processed by the manufacturer.

If you’re a Target customer and want to learn more about the return policies for the following products, you can find information on the Target shoe return policy, the Target clothing return policy, and the Target Cat and Jack return policy.

However, you may be concerned about the possibility of the store selling a certain brand.


If you’ve bought an item from Target, you can return it within 30 days of purchase, even if it’s been worn. You have 30 days even if you used a RedCard to pay for the item, or you bought Target-owned brand items – that’s why Target has its own return policy in the first place.

It is recommended that you check your size carefully prior to purchase, as while many items are labeled as “S”, “M” and “L”, there can be differences depending on the manufacturer.

It is best to arrive in-store with your receipt and your original method of payment when you have a return.

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