Walmart Makeup Return Policy [all You Need To Know]

There are different products available in the beauty department as well, and the different options you have available allow you to do different things so that you get the look that you want.

Well, Walmart stores have their own makeup department so it is possible to return unopened makeup to them if you need to. They sell makeup of multiple brands and offer brands you don’t see in stores here in the US, so if you look for a specific brand, it is your best bet to see if they sell it.

Walmart Makeup Return Policy 2022

Walmart makes the return policy for cosmetics more affordable. Customers can return cosmetics within 90 days of purchase but only receive a full refund if received a receipt. Customers are only eligible for an exchange or store credit if they return and provide proof of purchase.

So, what products that are opened can’t be returned? Check out this blog post to find out more.

Can You Return Used Cosmetics To Walmart?

The return policy for Walmart is very similar to the return policy for Target, which is free returns for 45 days or until the goods have been opened. After the 45 day period, returns are free only if the goods are unopened, unmarked and in their original packaging. Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer refunds for any opened or used items, but Walmart does offer store credit for the purchase price of the unopened items.

Any returned product or part that shows misuse, such as damaged packaging, missing accessories, incorrect description, etc. will not be eligible for a refund.

What Makeup Cannot Be Returned To Walmart?

I tried returning a makeup product at a local Walmart and they refused to honor the return for that product.

I mean products which are labeled with a “ORM-D” sticker, which are returned unopened and still in their original packaging. These include perfumes, aerosols, and nail polish.

Due to new regulations, products containing certain hazardous material will be required to carry a sticker telling consumers that such material is present.

It’s still possible to get refunds on returns within the 14 day period following the purchase of a product.

You have to return products you purchased from Walmart within a short time frame, which includes airbeds, computers, and other technology.

You might even see words like these at the end of a sentence.

How Will I Receive My Makeup Refund From Walmart?

If you want to use a credit or debit card from a different account, you will be required to provide a copy of the bill showing the purchase was made at Walmart.

Therefore, if you do not have that card with you, you will not be able to receive your refund, but you will be able to receive a Walmart gift card.
[Paragraph 3]: Please allow 7 days to process Walmart gift card.

If you bought the makeup products using cash, then you will get refunded with cash.

If your gift card was used to pay for a product sold at Walmart, you will either be credited with a refund or receive a new gift card.

How To Return Makeup On The Walmart Website?

For makeup products purchased on the Walmart website, you have three years warranty to request a refund, starting from the day you received your products.

However, in some rare circumstances, you can return items to Walmart even after 90 days if the item was purchased online or in a store other than the Walmart store where you purchased it.

Log into your Walmart account and find the item that you wish to return. Select “start a return” next to the item you wish to return. You will be provided with a free return shipping label.

You can either choose to give the card back to the company, or you can choose to use another card to pay for the purchase.

If you buy a product that is still available, you can exchange it. However, if the product is sold out, you can’t exchange it.

The **In-store exchange** is the only exchange type available at the moment.

Can I Return Makeup At Walmart Without A Receipt?

If you lose your receipt or forget it at Walmart you can still return the items and you can get a refund on it.
To do so, go to any Walmart store and bring in your receipt along with valid government identity card. Information stored on the receipt will be removed from the Walmart database.

In this case, you will be given the option of exchanging the makeup for a different product or receiving a refund, which will be credited to your PayPal account or be sent to your email address.

They do not give refunds for the $3.50 to $10 in-store credit, but instead, they give you a gift card that you can use to buy something else that is $25 or less from the store.

The supervisor is allowed to assign the job based on the availability of the worker. The workers can come to the job site to work.

For more information, you can also see my guides on the Walmart return policy, how to pay for an item at Walmart, and if you are able to return an item to Walmart.

Conclusion: Can I Return Makeup At Walmart?

Shoppers who are unsatisfied with makeup purchased either in-store or online at can return their products for a refund or an exchange. All items must be returned within 90 days with their original packaging and accessories, even if the product has already been opened or used.
*Please note that returns from international locations take longer than the standard return policy (if your return requires a receipt, you’ll be able to choose the expedited option at check-out) and may be subject to delay in processing.

Only the perfumes, aerosols and nail polishes cannot be returned once they have been opened.

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