Can You Return Makeup To Marshall’s? (Find Out!)

Sometimes buying makeup can be difficult. It can be difficult to know whether the makeup you purchase will match your expectations or hold up during a night on the town. It is great to be able to return any makeup that you don’t like without having to pay a hefty fee.

Different stores may have different policies so it is worth doing some research to determine if you are eligible for a full return.

Marshall’s will accept makeup returns within 30 days of purchase, provided you retain the original receipt. Only returns within 30 to 40 days are eligible for store credit

Continue reading for details about Marshall’s makeup return policy and more information on how you can return your makeup to Marshall’s.

Marshall’s Return Policy after 90 Days

Marshall’s returns policy has two parts. One for items purchased in-store and one online. Both policies are very straightforward. The difference is in how you can return items.

The maximum time you can delay before getting a refund under both policies is 30 days. You may still be eligible to receive store credit or an item exchange if your purchase occurred between 30-40 days ago.

All refunds beyond these limits are at the discretion and discretion of the store manager. Although they might still process your store credit refund, it is unlikely that you will receive a cash refund.

The policy states that special conditions may apply if your Marshall’s store is closed because of covid-19 restrictions. You will be eligible for a full refund within 30 days of the store’s reopening. After the 30-day standard period, this is the only way you can get a refund.

Marshall’s Return Policy without Receipt

Marshall’s requires receipts within 30 days in order to process full refunds. However, store credit can still be obtained if the receipt is not available. You can return the item in its original package and receive store credit to use for other Marshall’s merchandise.

To request a store credit without a receipt, a government-issued photo ID is required. A signature may be required. Marshall’s loss prevention program will also track any returns of this nature.

Marshall’s Makeup Can Be Returned Without Packaging

Marshall’s will accept returns only if the item is in its original packaging. Returns of open or used merchandise are not accepted.

You cannot return an item if you have opened it or the packaging is damaged enough to warrant a refund. It is important that you don’t open or attempt to use an item you are returning.

Also, your refund may be denied if the item arrives damaged at the warehouse. It is crucial to pack your items securely and properly when returning them for a refund.

Marshall’s Makeup Return Policy

Marshall’s can accept your unopened makeup along with your receipt within 30 days.

No receipt or returns received after the 30-day period will be accepted for a full cash refund. Only store credit will be available. You can only receive store credit for items bought in-store. However, online orders can be returned by mail.

All returns in-store are free. However, a restocking fee and shipping charge will be added to your refund if you send an item back by mail. In the next section, we’ll discuss how to mail your items.

The same payment method used to purchase the product will be refunded. You will need to contact customer service if your original purchase of makeup was made with a credit card that is no more available.

Important to remember that Marshall’s items must be returned to Marshall’s if purchased online or in-store. These items cannot be returned to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.

Marshall’s By Mail: Returning Makeup

You can return your item by following the instructions in your item receipt. Online orders can be returned within 40 days. To be eligible for a refund, the item must reach the returns warehouse within forty days of your original order.

A shipping label will be included in your order receipt. This label can be used for your return. When you send a return via mail, a handling fee will be added to your refund. When returning items by mail, it is important that you include your receipt or a copy your order confirmation email in the box.

All other requirements are met for returns via mail. This means that your item must not have been opened and be in perfect condition before it can be returned to the warehouse.

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Last Thoughts

Marshall’s should accept makeup returns as long as they have your receipt and you return it within 30 days. You may not be eligible for store credit if your purchase has been made more than 30-40 days ago.

Marshall’s does not accept returns on used or opened products. You can return online purchases that you have made in the store if they are in unopened, good condition. Only store credit will be granted for items returned after the 30-40 day return window. All returns are at the discretion and risk of the store manager.

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