Can You Return Makeup To Ulta? (What To Know!)

You may have ever wondered if you can get your money back if you bought makeup that wasn’t what you expected. You should be aware that different stores have different return policies.

As long as you retain your receipt, makeup can be returned to Ulta within 60-days. Even if you don’t have the original packaging, you can return makeup that has been used within the 60-day window.

Ulta’s return policy is the same as any other store. You may not get a refund even if all requirements are met. You should pay close attention to Ulta’s return policies. If you do, there will be no problems.

Continue reading for more information about Ulta’s return policy and details about how to send makeup back.

Is it possible to return makeup to Ulta without the box?

Ulta’s returns policy generally requires that you return your item within 60-days of receipt. Ulta stores will accept returns for refund regardless of whether the item was used or missing its original packaging.

Yes. You can return makeup to Ulta with or without the box. You can return makeup to Ulta as long as you have received your receipt within the 60-day period.

You can exchange your item for another one, or even the exact same item, in lieu of getting a refund. You will need to pay the difference if the price of the item you wish to exchange is different from the one you purchased originally. Ulta will reimburse you the difference if you swap an item of lower value.

Keep in mind that exchanges or refunds are at the discretion and discretion of the store manager. You may not get exactly what you need even though you have met all requirements. You should not have any problems as long as your original receipt is still in its original condition.

Returning Makeup to Ulta without a Receipt

Ulta’s returns policy states that if you lose or misplace the receipt from your original purchase Ulta will not be able to issue you in-store credit. This statement is subject to a caveat.

Without a receipt, makeup cannot be returned to Ulta. Ulta must have your receipt if you were a member of ULTAmate Rewards at the time that your makeup was purchased.

To prove you are the original account holder, you might need to show them your ID. You don’t have to give them a receipt if they can locate your receipt. As if the item had been returned with a receipt, you will be eligible to receive a full refund or exchange.

You can return the item online even if you did not receive a receipt if you bought it online. With your account details, they will be able verify that your order was placed.

As a ULTAmate Rewards member, you can return your makeup

The returns process for ULTAmate Rewards members and customers who have purchased items through is a lot easier. Even if your receipt is lost, you can still verify the purchase using your ULTAmate Rewards information or your information.

How to Return Makeup to Ulta

You can return a Ulta purchase for a refund if you have not received your receipt within 60 days. You will not be eligible for a store credit if you are unable to verify your purchase, either with your receipt or your ULTAmate Rewards information.

Ulta stores will give you store credit as an egift card. The value of the store credit will equal the item’s lowest price within the last 90 day. Unfortunately, you might not get the entire value of your item. If you purchased items online, you can return them to Ulta via mail. In the next section, we will discuss this in greater detail.

How to return makeup to Ulta that was purchased online

You can return makeup purchased online at Ulta by either taking it into Ulta or mailing it back.

You can return online-purchased items in-store by simply taking your item along with your email confirmation (which you can print or show on your smartphone).

You can return the item to receive a full refund as long as it is still within the 60-day window.

You can return your item by mail using the return label that was printed on your packing list.

Return shipping costs will be charged to you. Ulta cannot accept COD delivery for items returned.


Ulta’s returns policy is more flexible than other stores. You are eligible to receive a full refund or exchange if you provide your receipt within 60 days.

If you’re a member of ULTAmate Rewards, you have many other options. For example, you can search their database for your receipt if it has been lost. Members can process returns even without their original receipt.

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