Do Ulta Employees Get Free Makeup? (Updated 2022!)

Ulta is a great place to work if you love talking about makeup and other beauty products. Ulta employees enjoy a supportive work environment, competitive wages, and many other perks that help to retain and attract talent. Ulta employees often wonder if they offer free makeup, as other beauty shops do.


Ulta employees might be eligible for free product in exchange for selling lots of products or to promote new product lines. Ulta employees are not guaranteed a free product.

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What discounts do Ulta employees get?

Ulta offers many perks and benefits to its employees to help attract and retain skilled workers, as mentioned previously. An employee discount is one of these benefits.

Ulta employees receive 25% off their product purchases and 50% off their salon services. Both part-time as well as full-time employees can take advantage of the discount.

Ulta employees can also get other benefits, such as dental and medical coverage. Part-time employees receive more benefits than full-time employees. This page provides more information about employee benefits and perks offered by Ulta.

Ulta employees must wear makeup

You may have noticed that many of the Ulta employees wear makeup if you’ve ever shopped at Ulta locations. It makes sense since they often showcase a variety of products available at Ulta.

Ulta employees don’t have to wear makeup. Employees who do choose to use makeup must keep it clean and in a reasonable amount of time.

It’s important to keep your appearance professional if you wear makeup or perfumes on the Ulta floor. This page on has more information about the Ulta dress code.

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Do you need to wear makeup for an Ulta interview?

Interviews are where potential Ulta employees will be able to showcase their strengths and weaknesses. While it is not an expectation that you will wear makeup for your Ulta interview, it can be a great way to showcase your knowledge of different brands and techniques that could come in handy during your employment.

Your Ulta interview is not a time when you should wear makeup. You can show your knowledge of different brands and techniques by wearing a stylish beat.

You are encouraged to apply for work at Ulta even if you don’t know much about makeup. You will be trained by the company on how to use various products and brands, so you don’t have to know everything about makeup.

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Last Thoughts

If you are passionate about selling makeup and other beauty products, Ulta can offer a rewarding job. Ulta has a supportive culture and offers many perks, including discounts for employees, insurance coverage plans, as well as other goodies.

Ulta employees don’t usually wear makeup while at work. However, employees who do wear makeup must ensure that their faces are free from any marks or smudges that could affect their brand image. It’s a good idea for you to ask your manager about the expectations in your store.

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