Ulta Dress Code (Hats, Tattoos, Piercings, & More!)

Ulta is a rewarding place to work. There are many perks and benefits, as well as a strong business cure that helps employees achieve their goals and grow with the brand.

Ulta employees are expected to represent the Ulta brand when they work. This is part of the relationship. Ulta employees are expected to behave and look professional while on the job.

The dress code is one of the most important policies. Ulta’s dress code is quite permissive, since it doesn’t require employees purchase uniform pieces. Instead, employees are given guidelines about what colors and items they can wear. Ulta employees have a lot of freedom in dressing, while still maintaining a professional appearance.

Continue reading for details about the Ulta dress code and what Ulta employees can wear on the job.

Does Ulta employees have a dress code?

Ulta employees follow a dress code. The following guidelines are required for employees:

  • Tuck in a shirt at all times, whether it’s red, black, or grey
  • At the waist, black pants
  • Black, closed-toe shoes
  • Black
  • Black belt if applicable
  • Name tag

Ulta provides uniforms for employees. These uniforms are not required or expected of employees, but are available for purchase by those who wish to keep the look simple and elegant while still adhering to the company’s dress code.

Ulta suggests that employees wear comfortable clothing, but there are some restrictions on what employees can wear. Rip jeans, for example, are not permitted.

If a piece of clothing is not professional, it won’t be allowed to be worn on the job at Ulta.

Is Ulta OK with Tattoos?

Ulta allows tattoos. Ulta does not allow employees to have visible tattoos, as tattoos are becoming more accepted over time in professional and social settings. There are some common sense restrictions on what is and isn’t acceptable.

Any tattoo that is discriminatory or hateful is forbidden. This includes tattoos that insult or degrade any race, religion, or sexual orientation. Face tattoos are generally not allowed. You should not be able to see any body art visible except for such tattoos.

Is Ulta allowed to permit piercings?

Ulta employees are allowed to have piercings but their policy is quite restrictive. According to Indeed.com, employees can only have one visible facial piercing.

As long as the piercings do not affect employee’s ability or performance, they are acceptable.

Is Ulta OK with Hats?

Hats are generally prohibited. Except for cases of religious significance (e.g. Hijabs and turbans are not allowed. This also includes hoods or other head coverings that are part a larger garment.

Ulta allows accessories

Accessory items such as jewelry, bracelets, watches and jewelry are generally acceptable provided they are not offensive or distracting from your job. It’s a good idea for you to inquire about your manager’s opinion on whether or not an accessory is acceptable.

Are You Required to Wear a Uniform at Ulta

Ulta does not require you to wear a uniform. The company does offer uniform pieces that employees can purchase, but it is not required to wear them. Employees can wear whatever clothing they like, provided it conforms to the dress code.

Ulta allows employees to buy uniforms at their own discretion. These uniforms can be purchased upfront or outright from your paycheck. You can ask your manager for more information about the uniforms available at Ulta.

How should I dress for an interview at Ulta

You may be curious about the dress code for an interview if you have applied to work at Ulta. You should make a good impression by dressing professionally and in a professional manner.

For an interview at Ulta, you should dress professionally and elegantly. You may wear makeup if you want to. It’s important to make an impression. Keep your makeup professional and tasteful.

You shouldn’t wear anything too stylized or offensive. This includes items like ripped jeans and oversized jewelry.

Your hiring manager will be impressed if you wear something similar to what Ulta employees would wear.

Ulta employees must wear makeup

Ulta employees work in beauty sales and marketing. Many of them use makeup to show what beauty products can do. However, makeup is not required for the job.


This simply means that your makeup should not be smudged during work. It is important to keep your makeup clean and tasteful in order to avoid violating dress codes.

Is Ulta allowed to permit piercings?

Ulta allows piercings in their dress code. As are nose piercings, ear piercings and nose piercings. Extra piercings and extreme piercings, however, are generally not acceptable.

Ulta employees are restricted to one visible facial piercing during work. It’s a good idea for employees to ask their manager if a particular piercing is allowed.

Are You able to get colored hair at Ulta?

Ulta will allow you to dye your hair any color you choose. Ulta’s dress code does not prohibit colored hair. The Ulta dress code does not prohibit employees from coloring their hair as long as they are within reason. It will ultimately be up to your store’s discretion whether a certain color is excessive.

Ulta can color your hair. Your hair color should not be an issue as long as you are able to maintain a professional appearance. Your local managers will determine what professional appearance means.

You can always ask your manager if you have any questions about whether a hair color is appropriate for your local dress code.

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Last Thoughts

Ulta is a rewarding place to work. Ulta’s dress code is very relaxed and doesn’t require employees to wear a uniform. Employees can wear whatever clothing they like, provided that it is in line with the general dress code.

In order to preserve professionalism and uniformity, the dress code is confined to simple black pieces. This includes tattoos and piercings. They are allowed as long as they do not hinder the employee’s ability in their job.

Feel free to post any concerns or questions in the comments section.

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