Tractor Supply Dress Code (shorts, Hair, Tattoos, Shoes, Piercings + More)

There is a nice place to work at Tractor Supply. The company cares about employees’ safety and provides training to keep their work area well-lit and protected from hazardous conditions.

Tractor Supply has a policy of not hiring people that wear low-cut or high-cut shirts. It states that women must wear shirts with sleeves, and men must wear shirts with collars.

What Is the Tractor Supply Dress Code In 2022?

The dress code at Tractor Supply was relaxed from what it had been in 2022. Employees were allowed to wear shirts or blouses with jeans or pants. Piercings were acceptable and tattoos were not covered. Shoes for employees were acceptable and employees could wear sandals.

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What Is the Dress Code for Tractor Supply Employees?

Tractor Supply sells work clothes, so the clothes worn there are casual.

There’s a lot of heavy lifting and operating machinery. You do this all day every day.

It means that the dress code should have rules that promote safe, comfortable and productive working conditions for all the employees.

Store employees can typically wear a casual shirt with a collar and polo shirt. The shirt must be a polo shirt. Cut-off jeans and spaghetti strap tops are not allowed.

Employees are required to wear a red Tractor Supply polo shirt that is designed for employees.

What Kind of Shoes Must Employees Wear at Tractor Supply?

When it comes to shoes, safety is the most important thing. This is why Tractor Supply employees aren’t allowed to wear open-toe shoes.

Shoes should be comfortable. For safety, you should wear closed-toe shoes or boots with flat soles.

We are not comfortable with the safety of your shoes because it’s a freight day.

Workers at Tractor Supply have to be on their feet for long hours. They may not be able to wear Crocs because it can be too rough for their feet.

Can Employees Wear Shorts at Tractor Supply?

There are no standards for shorts length at Tractor Supply. Shorts are acceptable as long as they are not excessively short. Shorts that are too long or too short are unacceptable.

Shorts should be a neutral color such as Khaki, no black. And no shorts are allowed.

Can Tractor Supply Employees Wear Hats?

Tractor Supply has a policy that employees are supposed to wear hats with the company’s logo but the policy is never enforced.

The company allowed you to wear hats with the company logo as long as they were authentic.

Can I Have Colored Hair at Tractor Supply?

Hair must be naturally colored by color specialists, and must be approved by the local cultural committee.

Can I Work at Tractor Supply With Tattoos and Piercings?

Tractors Supply stores make their employees cover up tattoos, but the executives are allowed to decide what’s allowed as far as piercings are concerned.

How Should I Dress for an Interview at Tractor Supply?

You don’t need to be formal, so make sure you wear something that you feel comfortable in.

Casual works clothes like a collared shirt or blouse and jeans or pants; dress shoes like a closed-toe, and work boots are acceptable.

It’s good to avoid clothes that reveal logos or slogans and is good to dress more formally as a candidate for managerial positions.


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 Tractor Supply Co. is casual dress, meaning that employees must dress cleanly and appropriately, especially in a retail store environment where customers may bring children with them.  We also have a no-piercing policy in the stores.

The dress code is business casual. You may come in your collared shirt and jeans or even a button-up shirt, but closed-toes and no piercings.

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