Dollar Tree Dress Code (hair, Tattoos, Shorts, Leggings + More)

Having a dress code is one way that employers have employees feel more special. By telling employees that they have a dress code they might feel more special than if they weren’t told anything.

Before you submit your application, you need to know about your potential employer’s employment policies. If you apply for an entry level position, you may want to dress more casual. If you are applying for a management position, wearing the right clothes may help you to show off your personal brand.

Dollar Trees Dress Code Policy In 2022

All employees at Dollar Tree are required to wear a polo shirt with the Dollar Tree logo on it. The employees are also expected to wear pants that fall below the knees while at work. It is also mandatory for the employees to wear hats with the logo on them while at work.

To learn more about what Dollar Tree employees can wear, whether they can sport piercings and tattoos, whether they can bring in a backpack or purse while working, and much more, keep on reading!

Can Dollar Tree Employees Wear Shorts Or Ripped Pants To Work?

The dress code states that employees must wear clothes that are appropriate for the workplace.

 This means that an employee can only wear clothing in the same color as the floor, walls and ceiling.

Many stores allow employees to wear shorts, but those that do allow workers to wear them should be extremely rare.

What Type Of Shoes Can You Wear At Dollar Tree?

At Dollar Tree, you get to wear comfortable footwear and avoid dressy footwear like sandals, shoes, and flip flops.

I thought I would just be standing on a conveyor belt or in a factory/warehouse.

It is also for the safety of their customers since a lot of customers tend to damage their feet by not closing their shoes when they are moving around.

Can You Wear Hats And Head Coverings At Dollar Tree?

But the best part about this company is that they’ll let you wear anything as long as it has the company logo on it.

The best advice, if it is offered, should be that it is a job and there are guidelines and rules to follow.

Does Dollar Tree Allow Employees To Have Piercings?

If you are a worker at Dollar Tree, you can have piercings as long as you follow the dress code that requires you to wear the company-branded colors.

 If you’ve ever had a visible tattoo or piercing, your manager won’t want you to be working there, even if you cover it up.

A lot of big stores that I’ve visited and have never really understood the purpose of the store or the brand are very accommodating to their employees.

Does Dollar Tree Allow Employees To Wear Visible Tattoos?

If you have a visible tattoo, it will be at the discretion of your manager (it might not even need to be in a visible place). The manager might want to discuss this situation with you and your colleagues.
If you have a visible tattoo, and they don’t trust you (or you don’t trust them), it could end up affecting your ability to get the work you need to support your family.

Most stores have their own policies on tattoo policies. It is the managers decision where they feel the presence of tattoos will impact the job of the employee. This may be a cultural issue or cultural sensitivity that is acceptable at their store.

Furthermore, they seem to have a progressive mindset and have been hiring people who are tattooed for the past couple of years.

While searching for a job, you’d want to check out if there’s a tattoo policy in place that you must follow at the place you’re working at.

What Should You Wear To Your Dollar Tree Interview?

To stand out at your job interview for Dollar Tree, you should wear more formal clothes that indicate professionalism.

The ability to dress up for a job interview is important. It allows you to show that you are a serious candidate.


As you are asking for a list, I guess you are open to options that are not the exact match.

You can never really tell, but you should try to make sure that there are no possible candidates that could get their resume to a hiring manager before you do.

If you need to learn more, you can read our article: Dollar Tree termination policy, if Dollar Tree drug test, and if Dollar Tree pays weekly.

Conclusion: Dollar Tree Dress Code

Dollar Tree employees are required to wear green or white Polo Shirts and black or khaki colored pants that fall below the knee.

As well, employees should wear comfortable sneakers and avoid open toe shoes, partly for safety reasons. Tattoos and piercings are allowed at most stores, as long as they don’t have offensive content or are distracting.

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