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Sometimes starting a new job can be exciting, but it can also be a little stressful. You get to earn a paycheck and may have new experiences as well. However, it can also be fun to know the details and the policies of how your company does things.

If you’re starting a new job at Family Dollar and unsure as to where you should fit your clothes inside the department, there’s a simple answer for you. Simply put, the answer is the dress code.

Family Dollar Dress Code In 2022

Family Dollar employees must have a clean appearance, excellent hygiene, and presentable in appearance. They must also be dressed in a bright red polo shirt and dark colored or khaki pants. At some Family Dollar stores, they may not wear hats. They may also have tattoos, piercings, and unnatural-colored hair.

Family Dollar does not make employees pay for their own uniforms, and does not discriminate against them for not wearing uniforms.

Can Family Dollar Employees Wear Hats?

According to the employee handbook, there’s a no hats at work rule. However, one employee claims that people have been told to take off their hats when entering a Family Dollar store.

When you don’t have an employee or management on duty, it’s best to ask your local manager (if any).

Do Family Dollar Employees Have To Tuck In Their Shirts?

Family Dollar should be a clean and neat place to work because they want their employees to have a neat appearance.

There have been reports that some workers can leave their shirts untucked while working.

The shirts and uniforms for store employees must fit correctly and not be wrinkly or dirty. If an employee wears the wrong shirt, they could get fired.

This is true. It is always better to have the look of a stylish gentleman then a guy who dresses sloppily.

Does Family Dollar Provide Uniforms?

The dress code at Family Dollar is simple. Customers get a plain, red polo shirt with a dark-colored shirt underneath or dark colored capris.

Family Dollar sells their own kind of shirts which are a solid red. The shirts will be available for people to purchase.

Otherwise, workers can simply purchase other types of polo.

Don’t worry, we don’t force you to pay for your tshirts and pants. You can ask your manager to help you at the time of purchasing if you feel like it’s a hardship for you.

For the record, after the fact, you can always get help from the helpdesk.

Can Employees Have Tattoos At Family Dollar?

While tattoos were generally not permitted or asked to be covered at Family Dollar, this doesn’t appear to be the policy anymore. I can imagine a lot of tattoos would get removed, particularly new tattoos.

Many cashiers in the United States have noted that tattoos are allowed while working at Family Dollar.

As of today, face tattoos are not a requirement to work for the company. However, the company will not hire someone with a tattoo that is offensive or indecent in nature.

You will only allow tattooed people to board your plane if they are medically qualified.

But if you are worried about if you can leave your tattoos uncovered, it is best to talk to your Family Dollar supervisor before coming to work.

What Type Of Shoes Can I Wear To Work At Family Dollar?

There is no official policy on any specific shoes for Family Dollar. Employees are expected to wear non-slip and comfortable shoes.

If there is a place near your home where you can practice, then it is not a problem to practice on the hard floor or even in your bare feet.

Does Family Dollar Have A Policy About Dyed Hair?

While Family Dollar had a policy of no unnaturally dyed hair, there was no more of an issue over the color of hair.

If you’re not sure whether or not your hair color is acceptable, it would be smart to go and see the store manager.

The French will no longer grant travel visas to those with unnatural hair colors.

What it means is that you’re going to be working there, whether it’s as a cashier or at some other position, but you’re not going to be able to get a visa to stay in the US legally.

Does Family Dollar Allow Employees To Have Facial Hair?

Employees at Family Dollar must show up to work clean-shaven.

While, people are permitted to have facial hair that is neat and cared for, it must be while they are at work.

This is one of those times where I can take off my beard hat and take a deep breath.

While they are working at Family Dollar, it’s mandatory that the place be clean and well-groomed.

Can I Have Piercings While Working At Family Dollar?

Not sure about the first line. If this is from an actual Family Dollar policy, then it may be hard to find out who makes that decision. But just like the above, it’s a good idea to ask how the company policies.

If you buy traditional ear piercings at Family Dollar, you can expect to pay less than $25.

The stores where I work allow only one set of earlobes, and you have to ask for a medical exam at the time your license is renewed. If you need to show it they’ll ask about it before granting you a new license.

Body piercings sometimes get looked down upon in customer service-type jobs.

While Family Dollar does not prohibit piercing its employees of body art, they reserve the right to deny employment to those who don’t meet standards of hygiene.

Can Family Dollar Employees Wear Shorts To Work?

Yes, shorts may be worn in the store, but only in certain areas. You must be neat and not go through the entire store.

It also requires that shorts, or pants for that matter, must be free of rips, or excessive fading.

At Family Dollar, shorts are only allowed during the summer months. They’re usually not permitted in the winter.

Family Dollar is a store that offers items at good prices, and all of the stuff in it is of high quality but the store has a strict attire code.

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Dollar Tree may be opening a new store on the South Side.


Although the company has the right to discipline employees for other reasons such as breaking store rules, it cannot retaliate against those who speak out. They also cannot ask employees to work more than 40 hours per week.

~~ I’ve been told to wear comfortable shoes on my feet. I didn’t hear the details.

No tattoos are allowed except for the tats that are considered tasteful by the standards of the community.

Always ask your Family Dollar manager and review the handbook. I’d rather not make this topic a regular part of my column but in this case, I feel it’s best to be specific.

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