Big Lots Dress Code (Hats, Tattoos, Hair + More)

Employees with Big Lots all have to wear white shirts, black pants and black shoes when they come to work.

Therefore, if you anticipate starting working at Big Lots you might be wondering-what would be Big Lots’ dress code for employees? In case you’re interested in finding out, keep reading!

What Is Big Lots’ Dress Code In 2022?

Big Lots wants employees to wear polo shirts with dress pants or jeans that match the color of the shirt. Employees are allowed to wear logo polos with name tags. Big Lots mandates that employees wear their name tags on their left side and the Big Lots logo on the opposite side of each employee. Employees are allowed to wear closed-toed shoes.

If you want to find out more on how to dress for the job of your dreams, including the rules for hair, tattoos, and hats, keep reading!

What Do Big Lots Employees Wear?

The Big Lots employee shirt, which has a white background and a red, orange, or peach logo are the most common, but employees are also allowed to wear other colors according to their preference.

The idea of the t-shirt is to keep the employee warm or cool while they work. Some associates may choose to wear a Big Lots sweatshirt while working, while others may want to wear a Big Lots shirt underneath a sports jacket.

In particular, employees can wear t-shirts, shorts, or denim as long as it’s not distressed or torn, and if the t-shirt doesn’t have any writing on it. Additionally, Big Lots employees can wear any kind of shoes as long as they’re closed-toe, neat (not scuffed and worn), and comfortable.

Can You Wear Shorts at Big Lots?

Big Lots encourages employee to wear shorts if they feel comfortable and if it’s the appropriate attire in America. Although shorts must be tight or have some sort of elastic waistline, if you like shorts then you should wear them.

However, male associates at Big Lots may not wear shorts during shifts. Additionally, managers may not wear shorts and are expected to wear business or business casual bottoms paired with a company shirt.

Can I Have Colored Hair at Big Lots?

According to former employees, Big Lots would not discriminate against employees who have dyed hair or keep it neat and clean. However, a Big Lots employee is expected to maintain a professional look.

Does Big Lots Allow Facial Piercings?

Although Big Lots generally doesn’t discriminate against facial piercings, they typically ask that piercings be kept to a minimum. There have also been reports of employees at different stores asking if customers are allowed to have facial piercings.

Can You Wear Earrings at Big Lots?

Big Lots does not discriminate against candidates or current employees with earrings. Their offer of employment is based on the candidate’s qualifications.

Can Big Lots Employees Wear Hats?

Unfortunately, as Big Lots employees are not permitted to wear company-owned shirts, they cannot wear hats, either.

Can You Have Tattoos at Big Lots?

You can wear tattoos at Big Lots as long as they’re not flashy and are not offensive. Several employee reviews revealed that Big Lots does not discriminate against individuals showing tattoos and is open to hiring and retaining qualified candidates with displaying tattoos.

Can You Wear Nails at Big Lots?

The policy doesn’t provide any rules discriminating against the wearing of nails at work but states that nails should not be more than one and a half inches long and must not be sharp.

Can I Wear Jeans at Big Lots?

You can wear jeans to work at Big Lots since the company doesn’t care if your jeans are neat and not distressed with rips and tears. However, you should keep your jeans in a bag.

It is not recommended to get branded jean, otherwise there is a possibility that you cannot wear them in public.

What Shoes Should I Wear at Big Lots?

Big Lots wants employees to wear comfortable shoes, mainly because employees will be on their feet during their shifts.

When Big Lots is open, employees are allowed to wear anything they damn well please. As such, there are often no rules regarding shoes, and most employees wear sneakers.

What Should I Wear for an Interview at Big Lots?

Candidates are advised to dress to impress when attending an interview for a position in a Big Lots store location.

Interviews for managerial positions at Big Lots usually require candidates to wear formal attire, while entry-level interviews may require candidates to wear business-casual.

As long as you are properly dressed, the interview goes smoothly. However, the candidate should feel good about the appearance that they have on him or herself.

What Should I Wear on My First Day at Big Lots?

Before you even start working at Big Lots, dress in the company uniform provided. This is a great opportunity to put your best foot forward, as being professional while on duty can make the biggest impression.

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Big Lots provides a formal dress code for its stores. All employees must wear either the approved shirts or bottoms that they can purchase and take home after their shift. Employees are not allowed to wear open-toed shoes, and they must avoid marked clothing.

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