Autozone Dress Code (hats, Hair, Tattoo, Shorts + More)

Whether you are looking for a job or just got hired for a new one, you need to know whether you are allowed to wear a suit or you have to dress it down a notch.

Since you work in a job or career that requires you to dress professionally, it is important to know the dress code that people in similar positions will be wearing. You may also want to know what employees are expected to wear during the workday. Do you want to see what employees in the same position as you are wearing? Keep reading to find out!

What Is the AutoZone Dress Code In 2022?

AutoZone’s dress code will require all employees to wear a red shirt and black pants in 2022. Employees can also wear black or grey shirts. A black belt is required and black shoes are the only acceptable type of footwear. Hair must be clean and neat, and tattoos are prohibited.

To find out more information about AutoZone’s dress code policy, what’s allowed and what’s not in terms of shoes, hair, tattoos, and hats, keep on reading for more useful facts!

Does AutoZone Give You a Uniform?

AutoZone provides a uniform for its employees with the AutoZone logo on the upper right-hand side of the shirt. When working at this company, employees must wear a red, black or grey color t-shirt, and black pants.

According to current and past employees, the manager should require that you always wear a perfectly clean uniform and that you never speak to the customer in a language other than English.

Even if you get a job from an agency, you need to pay for the uniform.

You can choose to either buy regular red or grey polo t-shirts or in uniform shirts with the AutoZone logo. Ensure that you stay in line with the uniform colors.

You have to tuck your shirt in when you’re at work, as part of the uniform.

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Can You Wear Jeans to AutoZone?

Employees must be in a recommended uniform when wearing apparel and other non-duty-related personal items such as tattoos, hair extensions, and beards is allowed.

In the office, you are not required to wear a tie. It is not a requirement that you have a t-shirt with the name of the company. However, you cannot wear any other kind of shirt.

Can AutoZone Employees Wear Hoodies?

If you work at AutoZone, you may not wear a hoodie, depending on your manager. Some managers allow this, but others don’t.

In addition, the effectiveness of these clothing choices is also largely dependent on physical and environmental conditions, such as, but not limited to, weather, temperature, humidity, and wind velocity.

Can AutoZone Employees Wear Shorts?

The policy prohibits employees from wearing hats, caps, visors, or any type of headwear that may impede the wearer or others from seeing.

Since AutoZone is a service company, employees don’t need to wear uniforms.

To prevent this from occurring, the employer should have a way of ensuring the employees safety.

However, for drivers, they can wear shorts and white shirts on Mondays and Thursdays, but they have to wear black on weekends.

Can AutoZone Employees Wear Hats?

Employees at AutoZone can wear hats, but it must be with their store manager’s approval.


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I suggest that you do wear a black hat, not a white one. Our current employees wear black hats.

The managers complained that employees wearing hats and other street clothing are not “cool” and are not the type of employees they’d like to have in the store.

Are AutoZone Employees Allowed Piercings?

If you work at AutoZone, the company prefers its employees not to have visible facial piercings, and if that happens, it will have to close and then reopen.

However, in certain stores, piercings are acceptable, because they do not affect the job.

Can AutoZone Employees Have Colored Hair?

If you can manage your hair (or if you don’t have a lot of hair) and if you’re willing to keep it clean, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it shorter than the collar and keeping facial hair off as much as possible.

The rules for professional coloring and permanent hair color application is that the hair must be clean and dry before application. Hair must be treated with a professional preparation or treated with a treatment and then washed out. There are many different types of preparations available to perform these procedures.

AutoZone is not discriminating against the aged, disabled or people of any race, regardless of age or sex.

One employee told me that there is no standard hair length, so long as he did not think it looked wild and unprofessional.

Can AutoZone Employees Have Tattoos?

AutoZone is a company that prohibits tattoos as long as they’re not offensive.

Your manager might ask you to cover your tattoos.

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Your manager might ask you to cover your tattoos.

This tattoo is vulgar, you will be asked to cover it up if it is not covered.

When you have your sleeves done, you are ready to be fitted into your suit. Before you are fitted, your suit should be cleaned and pressed.

What Is AutoZone’s Dress Code Shoes?

I don’t know if I want to go to work. The company says I have to wear black shoes.

In order to protect the safety and well-being of our personnel, employees must always wear closed shoes when working.

Every employee should follow the code of conduct and all work done should be done in a color-coordinated fashion.

Can You Wear a Long Sleeve Undershirt at AutoZone?

AutoZone allows you to wear undershirts as long as they’re white and you’re in full uniform.

However, once you become employed, you can confirm with your boss if you will be allowed to wear that.

For more information about that, please visit our blog post on whether or not AutoZone performs drug tests and how much does AutoZone pay.


All employees must wear a business suit on the premises.
All employees must wear a polo shirt.
The business suit must have a collared shirt, a tie, and dress shoes.

This is an example of the difference between a paraphrase and an opinion. The paraphrase is correct, but the opinion could be different.
If an opinion was being written by someone who is no authority on the subject, then the opinion itself may only be used for its truth.

AutoZone requires everyone to have an outfit, be black, have a belt, socks, and tuck in their shirts.

There isn’t a set policy on tattooing, as long as it’s done by a professional. Hair can be any color as long as it doesn’t look too outlandish.

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