Meijer Dress Code (requirements, Uniform Policy + More)

Meijer employees must wear company branded uniforms and are prohibited from wearing attire that may “distract customers from shopping”.

As of now, we have our own dress code, where all employees are required to wear a black polo shirt and black pants (no jeans or skirts).

What Is Meijer’s Dress Code In 2022?

Meijer’s clothing rules not only include a company shirt, a pair of black or khaki pants, and closed-toed shoes in 2022, but also stipulates that associates should tuck in the shirts. This rule helps Meijer associates distinguish themselves from other customers in order to improve customer experience.

To find out if Meijer has dress code, what kind of pants are allowed, if you can wear colored hair, tatoos, and more, keep reading!

What Do Meijer Employees Wear?

Generally, Meijer employees wear a company-provided shirt that is tucked in and paired with black or khaki pants. They can also wear other types of pants.

The company allows its employees to wear a white, black, red or navy long sleeve shirt or thermal under their uniform if it’s cold or chilly outside.

As you can see, the associates in this position are typically in a position of power, and can make decisions that affect the company.

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There are other departments that require their associates to wear hats and aprons as part of their dress code.

If employees are wearing shoes that are dirty, ripped, and/or worn out, they might be issued a warning and/or lose a few days of pay.

There is no dress code as long as you dress appropriately for the office.

During your shift, you will be on your feet for 8 hours of the day or even much longer. Comfort shoes are a must while working in the Meijer grocery stores for it is very important to have good posture and good support.

What Do Meijer Pharmacy Techs Wear?

In the laboratory, Pharmacy technicians wear lab coats when performing procedures; they wear smocks when performing administrative functions.

What Type of Pants Do Meijer Employees Wear?

Meijer employees are only allowed to wear jeans, plain and patterned t-shirts, or plaid shirts. Associates are required to tuck in their shirts to complete the look.

The store doesn’t allow associates to wear leggings during their shifts and they have a strict dress code that requires associates to wear closed toe shoes instead of sneakers.

This place does not allow associates to wear denim pants, cargo, or capri pants, even if they are black or tan.

Can You Wear Shorts at Meijer?

At Meijer, men must wear pants unless the pants are a dress shirt, a blazer or a sportcoat. Women are not permitted to wear dresses or skirts as bottoms.

A lot of drivers are going to be cutting around a building at a very high rate of speed.

But, the food associates are allowed to wear t-shirts during working hours, which is considered the uniform. All associates are expected to wear a tie when they are not on break.

Can I Have Colored Hair at Meijer?

You can dye your hair if you work at Meijer.

The company doesn’t provide a policy that discriminates against people who have bright or unnatural colored hair.

Furthermore, some employees at the store have acknowledged having colored hair without being discriminated against.

Does Meijer Allow Facial Hair?

Meijer employees are allowed to have facial hair except for employees working in produce departments such as Deli, bakery and meat departments.

You can say that this is a common procedure at the other locations, as long as you wear a beard net during your shift.

It is a food safety measure and it removes the chance of hair particles on apples or other fruits to be ingested.
[Bartender]: Why don’t you go in? Let’s see what you’re made of.

Does Meijer Allow Facial Piercings?

Meijer does not require that its employees wear a skin-colored band-aid to cover a facial piercing.

If the employee has facial jewelry (except for earrings) or other piercings, she will be asked to remove them.

Can You Wear Earrings at Meijer?

This is not true. You have to wear a headset or earplugs for the safety of the store, even if it’s at the back where you won’t be seen.

Although other piercing options have some restrictions, earrings do not receive any scrutiny. Meijer has no restrictions on wearing earrings.

Can You Wear Nails at Meijer?

I can wear nails for the length that they do not prevent me from performing my duties at the store.

It is important for Meijer to be flexible and take different forms into consideration.

Nail polish is only allowed to be used in the kitchen on areas such as countertops which are made of stainless steel.

Can Meijer Employees Wear Hats?

The company makes an exception for employees who wear hats in certain departments.

Can You Wear Jeans at Meijer?

I don’t think I need to wear a skirt to work, it’s not like I have to have my legs crossed and cover my behind or anything. I am perfectly comfortable wearing pants.

Can You Have Tattoos at Meijer?

If you are tattooed, you can have tattoos at Meijer as long as they are not too flashy or offensive. Tattoos can be of any shape or color, just not too much.

Meijer does not discriminate against employees with tattoos. However, since tattoos are a very personal thing, it is possible that some employees may have tattoos that other employees may find objectionable.

There are very few roles at the company that aren’t open to employees with tattoos however those roles that are open to employees with tattoos are primarily customer facing.

What Should I Wear for an Interview at Meijer?

As a prospective Meijer employee, you should wear decent attire ranging from business-casual to formal on the day of the interview.

When you’re interviewing for a grocery store job, it’s a good idea to dress business casual.

To be considered, for managerial positions candidates should dress in formal wear.

If you’re dressed all casually or do not dress properly, you will come off unprofessional.

Because you never know who you’re going to meet, so you just need to get it right from the start, and it’s really important to be on time as well.

What Should I Wear on My First Day at Meijer?

Meijer is a place where you need to follow some rules and regulations, so you should be dressed up accordingly.

Once the company has given a name tag and the company shirt to you, you should adhere to the dress code of the company.

you can find further reading on Meijer labor relations here, as well as links to other articles we’ve written about Meijer.


Meijer offers associates a choice of either a dress shirt and slacks or a polo or knit shirt and slacks.

The staff will have to be comfortable as they will be spending a lot of time in the store. They will also be expected to wear closed-toed shoes that are comfortable and durable for the long time working hours.

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