Does 711 Sell Firewood? (all You Need To Know)

If your local convenience store sells wood, then they should be able to sell firewood to you too. In fact, you might even want to buy the wood for your stove from them as convenience stores usually sell wood at much lower rates than other stores that sell firewood.

With that said, there aren’t many places where you can buy firewood unless you happen to be close to an abundant wooded area. To find out if 711 carries firewood, take a look at our answer below!

I am a bit confused because the answers and the definitions don’t say anything about having trees in your yard.
I have seen that this can be a problem for people who don’t know how to go about buying firewood.
In some cases I have seen people have a problem with firewood prices (this is for people living in the US).

Does 711 Sell Firewood In 2022?

There are many firewood suppliers who sell wood to 711 stores. If you need firewood, then you should be able to find a supplier who delivers to your 711 store.

There are two potential problems with these supplies if you live in an area where the wood is not sold in 711 stores or there are no suppliers that can sell wood to 711.

For more information on pricing and other stores that sell firewood, keep reading!

It would not make sense for us to be on that list, since we don’t sell firewood.

How Many Pieces of Wood Are in a Bundle at 711?

If you buy a bundle that is not quite 711 pieces, the store may not have enough pieces total to make the bundle.

In the end, the piece is going to be a bit smaller than you would like.

Firewood can vary significantly, so it’s going to be a really good idea to check which wood you’re going to be using.

To buy stuff, you also can ask the cashier how much of a bundle it is.

How Much Does Firewood Cost at 711?

In the United States, the price of firewood varies considerably from store to store. 711 stores are franchises, which means that they are independently owned and operated.

Therefore, you should understand that the price is set by each seller. It is not a corporate wide price.

However, you can expect wood to cost about 6 dollars a bundle. If you’re particularly worried about the price, we recommend calling ahead to check.

Finally, more people live in rural areas and the area doesn’t have many customers for firewood. This means it is less likely for firewood to be offered in urban areas as well.

Does 711 Deliver Firewood?

It is best to take a truckload of firewood to avoid carrying it around in your car or on the bus. If you have a vehicle though, it is better to take it with you when you go on a trip. You would want to have two or more people split the load.

To order by phone, just call 1-711 on the number found on the 711 app or 711 website. Press 1 to order a snack or press 2 for more info. You can also order online by clicking ‘online orders’.

As you can see, the original quote does not contain the words “a few taps”.
This means, that the paraphrase is correct.
And since paraphrase is correct, a proofreader in this case would have no reason to remove the paraphrase.

It is not to expensive to purchase firewood from 711, it is more expensive to not buy firewood from 711.

If you want to buy several different sizes of firewood, for example, buy three of each size. The shipping is free, just like with most other online stores.

Delivery is only possible for orders of less than about 1/10th of a ton, depending on the delivery service.

Where Else Can You Purchase Firewood?

You can gather a lot of firewood with your own hands, which is a very satisfying and great way to exercise. You can also buy firewood from the local supplier. It’s best to look for firewood that’s not dry or rotten. The firewood should be seasoned and dry. Seasoned means that the firewood has been stored for some time.

A good rule of thumb is that a store that sells wood in one area will usually not be able to carry a wider variety of wood because it will be difficult and expensive to ship.

Therefore, many gas stations and convenience stores sell firewood in rural areas, as it is more sought after.

Also, you’ll find campsites and nature reserves around. The areas will usually have plenty of firewood and not sell it.

The fact is that it is often much more expensive to purchase at other places.

Home Depot sells firewood, and other home improvement stores do as well.

But, they’re usually more expensive, as they occasionally have it shipped in.

If you have questions or concerns about the service you are receiving from 711, you can visit our website at and select the “Consumer Service” option under the “Complaint” tab.


The total number of trees is usually a reflection of the state of the economy. In a robust economy, people do not need to cut trees for firewood as much. Thus, the total number of trees is not a great indicator of wood demand.

There’s no way to know whether or not your local store carries firewood unless you call and ask. As a result, we highly recommend that you call if you’re particularly concerned about whether or not your local store carries firewood.

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