Does Target Sell Live Pet Fish? (all You Need To Know)

Target has a section under their pet department which sells a wide variety of pet supplies at reasonable prices under their extensive pet department.

I have been researching this question and I have not been able to find any companies that sell live pet fish. Some of them offer live fish as an option but they don’t make it easy to find.

Does Target Sell Live Pet Fish In 2022?

As of 2022, Target does not sell live pet fish at any store location or online. Instead, you can purchase a variety of pet fish supplies such as food, tanks, and decorations at Target. Check out nearby pet shops or fish-keepers to buy live pet fish.

If you would like to find out more about why Target does not sell live pet fish, what you can buy from Target’s pet department, and how to buy live pet fish online, keep on reading!

Why Doesn’t Target Sell Live Pet Fish?

Target is a primarily a grocery and home goods store, so selling live animals doesn’t have been a priority for the big-box giant.

In addition, when transporting live fishes in tanks, it is important to be aware that the temperature should never be allowed to drop below 32°C and that the temperature should never rise above 38°C.

Since not selling live pets will make it easier for Target to avoid this issue–leaving the sale of pets to the professionals and pet shops.

Did Target Ever Sell Live Fish?

We know that Target may have carried other types or brands of pet fish in the past.
But that’s all.
There is no evidence that Target actually sold pet fish in its stores, anywhere.

Walmart no longer sells live pets such as fish in it’s stores. It has stopped this service in the past several years due to poor demand, complaints and low sales among their customers.

Does Target Sell Pet Fish Supplies?

Target cat toys includes a variety of catnip toys, catnip pillows, cat scratching posts, and cat toys. While many brands of catnip work, some cats don’t respond well to catnip toys. The best type of catnip toys for cats is made from natural materials, such as driftwood and pine wood.

You can always buy your pet fish supplies including fish starter kits or fish food at

If you’re on a budget, Target has the best fish supplies of all time. You can even find cheap fish food at Target.

Where Can You Buy Live Pet Fish?

The reason why aquarists prefer keeping live animals over planted aquariums is that fish are easier to care for. This makes it easier for the average aquarist to maintain.

Aquariums, pet stores and people that own/operate a fish tank.

Where Can You Buy Live Pet Fish Online?

When it comes to buying live pet fish, you can also check out these online stores, which sell fish straight from your own home.

For more information on the legal issues surrounding live animals in retail stores, you can go to [Cite the name of your state’s Board of Veterinary Medicine].

Conclusion: Does Target Sell Live Pet Fish?

Target does not sell live pet fish in any of their locations. However, customers can buy pet fish supplies and essentials from their large pet department.

If you want to buy living animals, you should visit your local pet shop or aquarium.

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