Petco Or Petsmart For Fish (Health Of Fish, Types, Price + More)

Petco and PetSmart are some of the largest go-to suppliers of pet fish and pet fish supplies around, which provides customers with variety and convenience.

Well, it’s not all that hard to tell, people love fish so we got to take it for granted that people are always looking for help when they have a fish problem. We’ve got more options for fish lovers.

Should I Go to Petco or PetSmart for Fish In 2022?

Petco and PetSmart have similar fish offerings, though customer reviews rank Petco as the better store. Both Petco and PetSmart offer to match the price of any product you can find cheaper elsewhere, which puts their prices at par. Moreover, the two stores have a remarkable fish return policy.

If you want to know if you should buy fish from a pet store or if you should get a home aquarium for your fish, read on!

Which Pet Shop Has Greater Variety of Fish Between Petco and PetSmart?

If you are looking to get a pet fish at Petco, you might need to find PetSmart first because that’s where a large percentage of the fish available at Petco are stocked.

Also in a similar vein, you may see different varieties of a particular brand name product in different stores.

However, some reviewers claim that Walmart will take a better variety of pet foods, and will also take all the fish.

If you have a dog, you should probably stop reading this.

is a pet store that sells pets and animal products.

People who care about fish and aquatic life have to go to Petco.

Where Can I Buy Fish Cheaper Between Petco and PetSmart?

The cost difference is due to the fact that exotic animals are more rare than common or domesticated pets.

There are many reasons you should shop at both of these stores. Besides being able to find the best deals for your furry friends, both stores have great customer service, and are very efficient.

This is from a different store. Note that different species of frog can have different prices, and this store is quite high!

Petco has a greater range in pricing because they have a greater range of species than some of the other pet stores.

Where Will I Get Better Quality Fish Between Petco and PetSmart?

Both Petco and PetSmart operate on a system of quality assurance to maintain the superior quality of their products.

Their pet fish doesn’t depend on how they were bred, or the manner or distance they were transported to the store.

Because salmon are very fragile, fish handling at the salmon farm must be very careful.

Therefore, it is common to find excellent fish in the PetSmart in one location, and a pet store in another, or even either of the above being the worst anywhere else.

It’s important to exercise due diligence when purchasing fish, and not rely on their appearance.

You can only clean the aquarium by regularly changing the water, and by maintaining a constant water quality.

Which Pet Shop Has a Better Fish Return Policy Between Petco and PetSmart?

PetSmart guarantees that the fish is healthy and in good condition when you pick it up, or they will give you a cash refund or give you a replacement fish if it’s not the case.

You should take the fish that you catch back within 14 days.

If the mosquito is dead, carefully put it in a plastic bag or container, and carry along a water sample. If the mosquito is alive, do not carry it in tap water.

If you have your receipt of purchase, you can bring it along. Or, if you have another receipt that shows purchase, that is fine too.

You can choose a replacement product from your Wishlist. We will contact you to arrange a new delivery date if they are available.

I’ve heard that this guarantee hasn’t been upheld by some Petco stores. I know of one pet store that offers a seven day guarantee, but if you buy a fish that isn’t alive, you’re out of luck.

Please do not return your fish if you have changed your mind. Petco will not offer you a refund or replacement just because you changed your mind.

This process applies to all claims including complaints or objections about any goods, services, or complaints about the service provided (ex. Service, price or communication).

The only exception to this 30-day period is if the fish is dead and you are claiming a refund, then you will need to provide your claim within one year of your purchase date.

You have to get in touch with customer care to get any refunds.

For more information, you can read our posts on Petco fish return policy, Petco vs PetSmart, and where does Petco get animals.


If you wish to buy your pet a nice fish that you will enjoy for a long time, it is essential to make sure that the fish you buy is of the right quality.

People are more likely to go to PetSmart if they need to get cat food, and Petco if they need to get dog food.

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