Who Owns Chewy? (petsmart, Amazon, Or Someone Else?)

Chewy is a relatively new company in the pet products industry. They have managed to grow into a leading company in the industry.

Not a lot of information is available about who actually owns Chewy. As we were looking for the answer though, we did find a link to a company that has links with Chewy.

Who Owns Chewy In 2022?

Chewy is a very important business name in the US, and a lot of people may be wondering who owns it. To learn the answer, read on!

Who Owns Chewy Stock?

The company has a great majority of its stock owned by a large variety of shareholders, because it’s a publicly traded company.

Chewy has almost 415 million shares and more than 310 million of them are owned by BC Partners.

To be able to buy Chewy stock for yourself, you can either sell off part of your retirement account, or just buy Chewy stocks for yourself.

When Was Chewy Purchased?

The buyer was PetSmart, a brick-and-mortar pet store. PetSmart bought Chewy for $3.35 billion in cash, the largest transaction for an online business, according to CB Insights.

BC Partners bought Chewy. It was allowed to continue operating as usual and still sell Chewy products. It is a private equity firm. For example, when you buy a car from Ford, a company owned by another company, and that company shuts down, that’s not Ford’s fault.

The company will “be part of the BC Partners portfolio, but [BC Partners] will not be dictating day to day activities in any way,” according to BC Partners.

Did Petco Buy Chewy?

However, we have found that Petco did not acquire Chewy. Instead, the two companies entered into an agreement to sell Chewy to a different company.

According to these reports, both PetSmart and Petco made offers to buy Chewy, but Petco’s offer was rejected because it would have been valued using stock which would have meant that the offer would have been made using less than all of Chewy’s outstanding shares.

It wouldn’t have taken over the business, they just offered all ‘cash’ which would have prevented any future changes of Chewy taking over the business.

Does Amazon Own Chewy?

Amazon does not own Chewy. Chewy’s parent company, BC Partners, owns the site through its investment in the company.

Amazon and Chewy are separate companies because they cater to different customers. Chewy sells dogs, while Amazon sells everything.

And because of that, Amazon has decided to start the process of removing Wag.com’s inventory from the Amazon marketplace.

Is Chewy Owned by Walmart?

Chewy has about a 70% profit margin that is much higher than any other pet food manufacturer that is owned by the same company.

Does Ryan Cohen Still Own Chewy?

Ryan Cohen doesn’t still own Chewy, since he was fired.

GameStop is a publicly traded company and the CEO of GameStop is Ryan Cooper. Ryan Cohen is the head of the game company GameStop. Cohen was the former CEO.

Does Mars Own Chewy?

Mars (the family members) and not Mars (the company) owns Chewy. As the owner and controller of Chewy, Mars makes Chewy’s decisions for Chewy.

Why Did PetSmart Buy Chewy?

Because of the competition in the e-commerce industry, the PetSmart decided to buy Chewy because of the growth in the industry.

After the news came out, they decided to rebrand their website in a different fashion so that they can attract more customers.
+ And then all of a sudden, it became the case and the company did so by adding two more words on the home page of their website.

A court in San Francisco said that PetSmart’s proposed acquisition of Chewy was not in the public interest. A higher court dismissed a PetSmart appeal.

Why Did PetSmart Sell Chewy?

In December 2019, PetSmart announced that they were planning on selling Chewy to a private equity fund, which would likely be a spin-off of Bain Capital.

Please be aware that these two companies may or may not be related. Just because a company has the name Petco does not mean they are associated with each other.


The market increased very quickly and a couple of years later, this company was bought by [Famous Company] for $3.35 billion.

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