Petco Vs Chewy (Price, Product Range, Returns, Service + More)

There are so many similarities between Petco and Chewy that it’s hard to tell which is better. But, I hear their customers sometimes have trouble telling the difference.

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Petco Vs Chewy In 2022

Chewy and Petco are both part of the Fortune 100 and their customers are spread all over the world. While Chewy only offers pet supplies like food and toys, Petco has more services for its customers in stores and online. They also sell live pets, something that Chewy doesn’t.

Get the details of the petco vs chewy issue, including return policies, products, and more.

How Are Petco and Chewy Similar?

Petco focuses on more on the pets than on the people. They mainly focus on the pets, their food, and their accessories.

Both Petco and Chewy sell pets supplies, and they give pets prescriptions.

You will not have to worry about it, as both the apps allows you to get automatic deliveries on regular purchases.

At Petco, you can automatically reorder on a weekly basis. Chewy, for example, will send you a box of three toys once a month.

There are many different delivery services. You may have noticed that they vary in their specific specifics, such as delivery times or delivery discounts.


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Petco and Chewy also offer the same benefits as the biggest pet care chain in the US.

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How Are Petco and Chewy Different?

As far as the physical stores, Chewy is known for it’s great customer service, and for the ability to order your pet through the website even if you don’t live near a store.

The first Chewy store opened in April 1996.
The first Petco store did not open until April 1999.
As of April 2018, Chewy has over 100 stores, and Petco has more than 200 locations.

There are many things that need to be figured out before we can call the company successful.

You can return an item to Chewy for up to 365 days after you bought it. Petco will let you return an item as long as it arrives in their stores within 30 days of you buying it.

Chewy’s does not have a price matching policy because they do not want to cut the prices they are selling for.

Chewy’s customer service team is always available. They take pride in their ability to provide a better customer experience than Petco.

Petco is the only store that sells live pets along with pet supplies and other pet accessories.

While Chewy will carry products for dogs, cats and hamsters, it will also carry products for farm animals, such as cows and horses.

Chewy is a company that has pet related services, such as dogs training and vet care, but Petco does not because it’s limited to the internet.

Petco provides training supplies and online guides to support all of their pet food brands.

Is Petco or Chewy Cheaper?

We found that was a bit cheaper than Petco’s website, but we found that even though Petco’s website had cheaper prices on some of their products, they didn’t always have the same products available for the same price. They also have more expensive products in some categories and cheaper products in other categories.

For example, in the past few weeks, Chewy has had a $5 price difference for items over $25, although I found it cheaper on other occasions.

You can take advantage of Chewy’s price match policy to get lower prices on identical items that are marked lower at Petco.

Which Is Better- Quality Petco or Chewy?

The difference is that Petco offers a wide variety of treats and PetCo can be more expensive.

However, Petco is the only national pet store that does not sell or carry any pet food or treats that contain artificial ingredients.

Petco Vs Chewy Shipping

Chewy and Petco have different shipping policies, but both Petco and Chewy offer shipping when you buy from their websites, but the details of the shipping process are very different.

For starters, while Chewy’s free shipping applies to orders of $50 or more, Petco’s threshold is lower.

Chewy also includes free shipping on orders of more than $35. Petco doesn’t.

However, the standard shipping fee before you meet this threshold is $4.99 for Chewy, and $5.99 at Petco.
[New]: Petco has a policy that when someone buys a dog from them, they will give them a second dog for free.

Pets can often become addicted to chewing and ingesting materials that are not healthy for them. For example, people will often ingest their pet’s own feces or lick their feet. To make sure that your pet is not creating these problems for themselves, you can purchase chews from Chewy.

The fast delivery time will make a customer feel like they can get their pets out of the store quickly.

Chewy takes orders online and is one of the many businesses without a store front, so they aren’t able to offer same-day delivery.

Petco has the ability to ship on the same day if there’s a store that is available nearby and you’d like to pick up.

When we include same-day shipping, that means that customers can order from our store and have their pet shipped to them that day so that they can pick it up that same day.

The website is actually a very convenient system for people to use. It says that you should get your order within one to two days. Customers are saying that they’ve always gotten it in one to two days.

Petco says shipments generally take between 2 and 5 business days, but it can vary.

I wouldn’t want to buy a puppy from Chewy in Alaska, though, they’d never see you since the pup was delivered to a post office in the lower 48.

There’s also an article that explains that Petco, while the largest pet retailer in the US, is still smaller than its competitor PetSmart, with $37 billion in sales.


There is no affiliation between Petco and Chewy aside from both providing products for pets. Petco is focused exclusively on providing supplies for animals, including food, feed, toys, and accessories, but Chewy is a company that sells pet food, pet supplies, and pet accessories.

There are several options to search for dogs and cats items on For a more cost-effective option, the website accepts a discount code which can be entered during the shopping process. However, does not.

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