Chewy Vs. Barkbox (prices, Delivery Times, Returns, Customer Satisfaction + More)

Chewy offers a huge selection of products and services around pet supplies and food for dogs, including a variety of dog food products, vitamins, and pet grooming services. But BarkBox does the same thing in a way that’s actually fun.

The biggest difference is the amount of money you will and won’t make. And if you’re considering a side hustle that’s more like a job in the beginning stages, this might not be for you.

Chewy Vs. BarkBox In 2022

Chewy and BarkBox focus on pet supplies. However, Chewy is a retailer where you can browse what you want to buy, whereas BarkBox is a subscription service that sends you a package containing different items every month. Also, Chewy has return policy, and BarkBox does not.

It’s no surprise that Chewy and BarkBox have a lot of similarities. Both are subscription boxes that send you a box of dog treats on a monthly basis. What’s different is Chewy is owned by the PetSmart/Petco/Kmart brands, while BarkBox is owned by, a company that was started by a couple owners in 2011 and grew its team as it grew into a larger business.

Are BarkBox And Chewy The Same Company?

If you are going to post stuff like this on social media, please at least check the facts.

It’s understandable that you would assume a company is public because of how they are incorporated and listed on the stock market, but that’s not always the case. Some companies may only be publicly traded on private markets, or not publicly traded at all.

We’re also public and that’s why BarkBox has a different board than a lot of privately owned companies.

How Are BarkBox And Chewy Similar?

Both of them deliver items on a regular basis and the people that use it are pretty happy. Furthermore, they have more or less the same cost.

What Is The Difference Between Chewy And BarkBox?

Chewy is more of a subscription for dog treats, whereas BarkBox is a direct-to-consumer subscription.

Is Chewy Or BarkBox Cheaper?

BarkBox only offers a monthly subscription. If you don’t pay for the full term, you lose access to the box.

BarkBox does not just deliver whatever they think you want to get. They do select the products they believe you will like.

Chewy box is similar to BarkBox which is made in the US and has all different types of treats in it.

With this package, you will receive different toys and treats, and you can choose for your dog, cat, puppy, or kitten.

Then, three of these boxes cost $24.99, and one costs $29.99, and they will not cost you any money each month, as it will be a one time purchase.

Not only is it more expensive, they charge for shipping, and if you only want one item, there’s probably a cheaper option.

If you don’t like to pay a lot for a box of toys for your dog, you can check out BarkBox. They offer more toys and offers for your dogs at lower price if you get your box as a yearly subscription.

This is the right choice if you regularly buy pet toys, it’s a good long term investment, and you won’t be wasting your money on unnecessary extras like toys you don’t actually want.

BarkBox is a subscription box that offers dog treats, treats, toys, collars, leashes and other accessories. Chewy is also a subscription box, but it offers dog food, which is cheaper especially on shipping fees. If we compare the two based on the price, Chewy is a little bit cheaper.

And yet, the same dog that gets a box once a month gets charged $35 a month for shipping.

Chewy Vs. BarkBox Shipping

We use FedEx worldwide to ship our treats in the United States and around the world.

Yeah, it also uses USPS in the US and Canada Post for shipping to Canada.

This depends on the amount of orders that come in. It’s usually one to three days because it will go from the packaging, to the fulfillment center, to the USPS, and then to where the customer is.

To get your order as quickly as possible, you can go with the expedited shipping option.

For those of you living in Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Hawaii, sorry, but Chewy does not ship outside the continental United States.

As a reminder, the free one-month subscription is available to new customers and those who have not yet subscribed.

You can still have your BarkBox delivered to the rest of the U.S. and much of the world.

We love that we have a really broad selection of treats for your dog to enjoy. From treats to toys, we’ve got you covered! And with our monthly subscription, you and the dog can enjoy our treats together every month. And since our treats are made fresh in our own kitchens, you won’t find anything that’ll cause a tummy ache or upset your dog’s stomach.

Chewy Vs. BarkBox Return Policy

 Chewy has a 365 day return policy where you can bring your item back for exchange or refund.

If you’re not happy with a BarkBox, you can’t send it back.

So, if you don’t enjoy what you get, try something else.

BarkBox also says that if you don’t like what you get, then you can contact the company so it sends different items in the future.

Some of the items that came damaged are included in this package, so you’re covered.

Chewy Vs. BarkBox Customer Satisfaction

Chewy has the most customer satisfaction guarantee, because the company will take care of all your problems that you have with your order and you have a week to change your mind and claim your money back.

It makes sense that Chewy is cheaper than Petco, because Chewy is just a distributor, and Chewy buys products from other companies.


BarkBox is a subscription service while Chewy is like Amazon. They both deliver packages to your door, but Chewy is more like a retail store.

BarkBox is the best dog toy subscription for dogs who love everything, from squeaky playthings to yummy treats.

That’s right, there are also many great options and you can save on shipping if your order is under $49.

BarkBox ships all over the U.S. plus Canada, which is why they have a higher shipping cost. Chewy ships only to the contiguous U.S., making their shipping costs lower.

Now, there is no one to ship out the boxes yet, but with some planning, this could be a problem solved.

Chewy provides a 365-day return policy, while BarkBox only offers a 30-day return policy.

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