Does Chewy Have Free Shipping? (all You Need To Know)

The biggest thing that businesses can do is implement strategies and tactics that give them an edge in the market.

Chewy did extensive research on how it could increase their customer base, and they did a few things, including one that would benefit both their customers AND Chewy themselves.

Does Chewy Have Free Shipping In 2022?

To understand everything about free shipping on Chewy, including how much you’ll have to pay, how long it takes to be delivered, what types of products qualify for free delivery, and more read on.

How Do I Get Free Shipping on Chewy?

Free shipping is offered on your first order that’s over 49$ if you shop through the online portal.

If you reach the target, free shipping is activated automatically
There is no need to apply it yourself.

When you shop with Chewy, your order ships free the same day, every day. No minimum or maximum order size. You can shop from thousands of great brands for less than you think.

You can’t get free shipping on Chewy from a coupon, promo code, or other similar deal, because the company has decided to keep it separate from those kinds of promotions.

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It is the company’s philosophy to give its customers the most competitive price possible and that’s why it provides for free shipping on all products.

How Much Is Shipping on Chewy?

Cute dogs get a cool flat rate of $4.95 when you purchase a minimum of $49 worth of treats for your pet. You can also get free shipping on Chewy purchases of more than $49.

All items on Chewy are treated the same when it comes to shipping – you won’t have to pay more for special items, and everything is eligible for free shipping as long as the order is $49 or up.
The only exception to this rule is for items with a larger package size, which, obviously, increase shipping costs.

How Long Does Chewy Free Shipping Take?

We offer free shipping for Chewy orders between $25 and $200 and you don’t have to worry about Saturdays and Sundays.

Chewy has now enabled any kind of delivery to be free, regardless of the type of delivery, or whether you are a paying customer.

Chewy doesn’t have the options to expedite shipping, even if you wanted to.

If you want to be sure to get it delivered in time, you can also use shipping options like Express Shipping, although they take longer than regular shipping.

Do You Get Free Shipping on Your First Chewy Order?

You do not automatically get free shipping on your first Chewy order. You can only get free shipping on your first order if it is worth $49 or more, just like you would any other order.

Chewy provides free shipping on all orders $49 and above and your first order.

> You may have previously received emails about this, but we wanted to make sure you are
> aware of the change in the shipping policy.

You can purchase Chewy via Autoship. This means you get one box of Chewy every month, shipped and saved to your door automatically.

Does Chewy Offer Free Shipping with Autoship?

Autoship uses USPS Flat Rate Boxes, which is a flat rate shipping option that costs $10.00 for orders sizes up to $100.00 (free shipping for orders $100.00 or more).
If you get into the habit of ordering more than one box, this option is usually the cheapest option available.

We suggest that you contact Customer Service to get more information about the delivery options that Autoship offers.

We’re seeing some customers who don’t pay for shipping, but they’re using it for shipments that are $49 or more.

Autoship doesn’t have a default-free shipping benefit, but it gives you full access to the Chewy vets.

It is very important that when a vet is treating your pet, you are comfortable with him at all times. If your dog shows signs of shock or pain when he is having an eye or tooth examined, the vet may not be able to see the problem.

Does Chewy Require a Free Shipping Code?

Chewy does not add anything to the price of your order. It is a free benefit of paying $49 or more.

When you search for “coupon codes” on a search engine, the results will be from coupon and deal websites that just repeat the information above.

If a deal says that you’re getting a free shipping deal on Chewy, but it’s not actually giving you free shipping.

To know more about Care Credit, you can also read our post on whether or not Chewy accepts Care Credit.


This is a pretty straight forward offer. Chewy is offering free shipping on most of their items, and it applies to any item above $49. This is a pretty good deal for Chewy, but it is only available for four weeks.

Since Chewy offers a 1-year free trial for its customers, you can use the free membership for anything, including medications.

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