Does Chewy Fill Prescriptions? (all You Need To Know)

With some Pet Insurance, it may be free for you to take care of your pet, saving you from having to pay out of pocket.

If you’re a Chewy fan, you probably already know that we’re a leading provider of pet supplies. With more than 2,500 stores nationwide, it makes sense that we have a loyal following of dog owners! Chewy also offers pet prescriptions – a service that’s very much in demand by our customers.

Does Chewy Fill Prescriptions In 2022?

The company, which will likely soon become a household name, has made it extremely easy to shop and receive medical care for your pets. They will take over from vets and medical services. You will need to register an account with Chewy to use their service. There are various types of prescriptions that can be filled with Chewy. You can either ask a vet to write a prescription for your pet, or take a photo of it and upload it.

We have the answers you need about your prescription refill at Chewy, including what to do when you have to fill your prescription, how to get a refill for your prescription, and more!

How Does Chewy Work with Prescriptions?

If you have been to an Allergy Specialist or your family Doctor, we respect that. You can skip this step.

You can visit Chewy’s website, then browse its catalog of medications, then place an order for the one you need, and have it delivered.

After you send your order to Chewy, each associate will need to verify that you ordered the product you wanted.

When you’ve got a prescription medication or medical need that you only need to have once, there are plenty of brands on Chewy that have free shipping, or, in many cases, a minimum purchase of a few dollars.

Chewy will automatically give you free shipping if you spend $49 or more (on orders that total $49 or more).

If your prescription is for something that you need to fill more than once, Autoship is a convenient way to get your pills.

Chewy is the business runs, and it brings you convenience by helping you have regular deliveries of your favorite products.

If you miss your medication, this service will refill your prescription automatically for you if you’re having difficulty remembering to pick up your medications from the pharmacy.

Some items in this list are actually linked to the Autoship section of the site.

With the automatic delivery discount setting, once an order that is part of an AutoShip program is placed, you’ll receive a discount on the next shipment.

Does Chewy Check Prescriptions?

Chewy will only fill and re-fill prescriptions if you provide us with a valid prescription.

When you’re ordering medication that a vet has prescribed from the website, Chewy asks you to share information on your pet and the vet that issued the prescription.

This information will be available to the clinic your choose to bring your pet to.

You will only need to enter this information once. Chewy will keep track of your records in order to simplify the process for future prescriptions.

How Can I Order Prescriptions on Chewy?

You can’t order over the phone to a vet. The best you can do is call and ask them for a prescription for your pet.

**Note:** This is not true.
You can definitely order a prescription to fill online and send it to your vet by using any vet’s electronic ordering system.

You can contact the vet yourself and he or she will tell you if your dog is allowed to have all the medications they need.

How Do I Refill a Prescription on Chewy?

Step 1: Place your order for a refill for your Prescription at the top.
Step 2: Choose the date you need your prescription filled.
Step 3: Choose how long you want it filled for.
[Download]: Click the link below to see the instructions to refill your prescription on Chewy.

There are two different ways you can do things: you can either mail them yourself, or you can let them be approved via your vet.

If you have a pet you can opt to have them have their medications sent directly to you.

Can Chewy Vets Prescribe Medication?

There’s a difference between a vet who’s trained to help you and one who will give an emergency vet’s prescription for an over the counter treatment.

Chewy currently only allows its vets to assess your pets via telehealth. While this allows the vets to interact with animals via video, it also makes it difficult for them to provide onsite services as it only allows for them to see the pet as a whole instead of looking at the pet’s body, mouth, ear, eyes, etc.

This doesn’t mean that the items are not shipped to Canada.
It means that does not ship them because it doesn’t have an arrangement with Canada Post (for shipping to Canada).


Chewy is a company that provides dog and cat medications, and other medications and supplements for pets.

You can get your prescription filled on the Chewy website using a prescription from your vet. You will need to provide additional information about your pet and the vet that the company will use to check your prescription.

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