Does Walgreens Fill Pet Prescriptions? [all You Need To Know]

Walgreens is America’s largest drugstore chain, and millions of people visit it regularly to get their prescriptions filled.

Walgreens can and does fill your dog’s pet prescriptions and even some of your cat’s. To get started, you should call Walgreens at 8002-222-1707.

Does Walgreens Fill Pet Prescriptions In 2022? 

Walgreens does fill prescriptions for pets, as long as the drug is also prescribed to people. Drugstores typically do not have all pet-specific medications (for example, pet antacids). However, the lower prices will offset the inconvenience.

Now, when it comes to filling your pet’s prescriptions, there are many different places to do this.

Why Should I Get My Pet’s Prescriptions Filled At Walgreens?

Getting your medicines filled on a monthly basis, instead of going to your vet, can save you a substantial amount of money over time.

Why? Because it’s a hassle for them to take out their scales and calculate everything.

How Do I Get A Pet Prescription Filled At Walgreens?

There’s a lot of pet prescription drugs that you can get with a valid human prescription. For example, if you have diabetes, you can get your insulin or anti-seizure medication in the same way as the rest of us.

However, there are a few pet medications you might be able to purchase in-store or have delivered online without a veterinarian’s prescription, like over-the-counter drugs, such as medications for tick and flea control and chewable aspirins.

Does Walgreens Fill Pet Prescriptions Online?

You also get online appointment requests, payment information and access to your insurance coverage.

Simply by adding your pets name to your Walgreens pharmacy account and choosing a refills plan you can control all of your pet’s medications, make sure their medications are up to date and keep their records in one place all at the same time.

You can even have an account for a lot of your pets medications to provide for them to make getting refills convenient and you could even make a bulk order for a lot of your pets medication to a discount online pharmacy.

What Kinds Of Drug Prescriptions Can I Get Filled At Walgreens?

All of Walgreens’ pet medications will be available on the spot and available for overnight delivery to the nearest pharmacy. This program is expected to come into effect in January 2019.

You can ask your doctor to know whether a specific medication is available (or not) in the retail pharmacies, or you can simply call your local Walgreens to find out whether that particular medication is available (or not) in your local store (using the store locator).


You can tell that these questions are about programming because the answer to each is “yes, and…”.

You should ask your veterinarian about available medication or treatment options. They may be able to provide a substitute that is an alternative for your pet.

Does Walgreen Also Refill Pet Prescriptions?

Yes, you can get a refill of your pet prescription at your local Walgreens store or if they were able to get your medication through the mail they may ask for a prescription from your veterinarian.

Now you can also set reminders to refill your pets prescriptions and manage your entire family’s list of medications and refills. You can even review every prescription in the past 90 days and see how much your pets medicine costs.

Does Walgreens Prescription Savings Club Membership Cover Pet Prescriptions?

Members get discounts on medications that are often prescribed to pets that have a human equivalent, as long as you have a valid prescription written by a registered veterinarian.

If you find that a certain medication is not covered, you can ask your vet for a substitute that is covered and is suitable. If no suitable substitute is available and the medication is important for your horse’s health, you can ask your vet for a more expensive medication that is covered.

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Conclusion: Does Walgreens Fill Pet Prescriptions?

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