How Long Will Cvs Hold A Prescription? (full Guide)

CVS is one of the leading pharmacies in the U.S. and is well respected for the quality of their prescription drugs.

 You have to ask yourself if you’ve been given correct information about how long they can hold your prescription. If you do not ask, then you are probably leaving money on the table, and if you do ask, you’re likely to be told a lot of different things. I’ve seen information in the range of 3-6 months to 2 years.

How Long Will CVS Hold A Prescription In 2022?

CVS is now accepting online prescriptions but you are limited to the amount that you can get delivered per week. CVS Express is no longer available. CVS will hold your prescription for 2 days as of 2022 before cancelling it and returning it to their stock. If you wish to order your prescriptions online, you can order them through CVS, but you are limited to the amount that you can get delivered per week.

If you use the CVS StoreCard, and you don’t have the StoreCard PIN numbers for your card, or your card expired, you can access your prescription information by contacting CVS Customer Relations at 1-888-CVS-4U.
If you do not use the StoreCard, you can check your prescription information by calling CVS Pharmacy at 1-888-CVS-4U.

What Happens If I Don’t Pick Up My Prescription At CVS?

In case of the refund, CVS would reverse the claim, take the prescription off the list, and credit the insurance.

Once you have your prescription prepared you will have to go to your local pharmacy to get it filled.

You can check your medication status online on the CVS website. You can be notified when your medications are ready for collection.

You can also use this service by creating a free account and adding your prescription.

Why Is My Prescription On Hold At CVS?

CVS has set up a validation process so they can validate prescriptions before they are approved. This allows them to have the prescriptions “on hold” until they are verified.

You can contact or visit your local CVS pharmacy (using the CVS Store Locator) to rectify the issue, or contact their customer service at 1-877-CVS-2766. It is also acceptable to use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the screen.

How Many Days Early Can I Fill A Prescription at CVS?

If you are able to get your script filled early and it contains a high quantity of prescription narcotics, you can be arrested for possession.

CVS stores and manages your prescription medication safely and securely at your location.

At this time, you can only order from the website.

Can I Order Prescriptions Online At CVS?

CVS customers can now order their prescription online and receive their prescriptions right to their door.

You can order CVS’ prescription delivery service from the comfort of your home. There are options for next-day delivery at varying prices depending on your location.

How Long Does It Take To Get CVS Prescriptions?

According to the CVS website, you can expect to receive your prescription within one to two days after placing an order, if you’ve ordered from a CVS-branded store and if you have an accepted e-mail address. If you have a problem receiving your medication, you will want to notify your pharmacy as soon as possible.

You can check the status of your order by visiting this link.

However some medications may be eligible for ‘on-demand delivery’ though which you can get your prescription delivered in a few hours after placing the order.

Can CVS Transfer Prescriptions To Another CVS location?

When you want to transfer your prescriptions to another CVS location, you should go to and choose to receive your prescription from your new CVS.

This service can also help you with some other tasks related to your personal information.

How Long Does CVS Keep My Prescription History?

A pharmacy can keep your prescription history for a maximum of ten years and is required to dispose of your records unless they have your permission to keep them for longer.

You can easily track your prescription history on CVS by logging in to your account and selecting the pharmacy tab. You may need to print a copy of your prescription history if necessary.

To read an article on if a prescription is accepted at a pharmacy like CVS, you can read our article on how long does Walgreens hold prescriptions.



CVS Pharmacy is a CVS Health store that offers medication delivery services. You can receive your medications from it anytime and no prescription is required for this. It provides services that help you to fill your prescriptions, manage your medications online and order them with a click. It allows you to view the status of your orders online.

This link will take you to the website of CVS Pharmacy where you can order and pay for your prescriptions.

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