Walgreens Prescription Return Policy [all You Need To Know]

Millions of Americans visit Walgreens to fill their prescriptions on a daily basis. However, sometimes you may need to cancel your prescription and return it because you’re having adverse reactions to it.

Do you know what Walgreens’ prescription return policy is? Let me know what you found out.

Walgreens Prescription Return Policy In 2022

Walgreens accepts returns of OTC medications. You must fill out the return form that is inside of your package. This form is only valid if the package is unopened. Packages that were open or that have been opened are not accepted for any return.

Walgreens does not return these prescriptions because the company decided to discontinue all prescriptions that were not written by a doctor.

Can You Return Prescriptions Picked Up In A Walgreens Store?

The pharmacist cannot refill a prescribed medication if you pick it up from a pharmacy that is not the location of the original prescription.

Walgreens has a policy under which it allows products return within 30 days, but this policy does not apply to prescriptions.

Can You Return Shipped Prescriptions? 

You may return these items only to the place where you originally purchased them.

Now that we have gone through some of the basics of filling a prescription, go ahead and use these tips to make your experience a pleasant one.

If the patient has a valid medical explanation, please return the item and authorize a return of the prescription. If there is no valid medical explanation, then please return the item, wait for a return authorization, and then fill the item.

Why Can’t You Return A Prescription To Walgreens? 

The official Walgreens return policy states that the drugstore chain is restricted by law from returning any prescriptions.

But the main reason that people are returning prescription medication is the cost. I’ve noticed that a lot of times when a pharmacy is getting rid of old medicine it makes the price go down.

Although the return of the prescription is an administrative responsibility of the pharmacist, it is a legal responsibility of the prescriber to use a complete and accurate prescription to minimize medication errors.

Can You Return Over The Counter Medicine To Walgreens? 

Walgreens is limited by law to 30 days in which to return and refund the OTC medication. If you have an OTC that is still in the original packaging, the only thing that Walgreens is required to do is to return and refund the original receipt.

The only exceptions to this are OTC medications (like pseudoephedrine) that require authorization upon purchase, i.e. you have to present a state-issued ID (such as a driver’s license) to be able to buy them.

Can You Return Sexual Wellness Items To Walgreens?

If you are unable to use Amazon.com purchases for any reason, then please contact your local customer service office.

Can You Return Opened Over The Counter Medicine To Walgreens?

It is illegal to return medication that you bought at a participating pharmacy.

What Can You Do About Unwanted Medicine That Cannot Be Returned? 

Some people throw out leftover medication to save some money, but it is still important that you dispose of medication properly and safely. You should avoid throwing out unneeded or unused medications and dispose them properly, because you can run the risk of misusing or abusing them and cause health issues.

When Walgreens is aware that unused medications have been given away or distributed to patients, the company will collect those medications. Walgreens uses the medications in an educational program called “Think Twice”. The medicines are crushed and distributed to schools, hospitals, and drug treatment centers. The medications are also donated to food banks, drug treatment centers, nursing homes, and disaster relief efforts.

Walgreens accept prescriptions and OTC medications without any fee and dispose them safely. You can contact your nearby store to ask if the store has a safe medication disposal kiosk available and if yes, you can ask them to dispose the medication in it.

If you are like me, you are at the point in your life in which you are starting to get prescription medicines and you have no idea when the last time was that someone filled your prescription. Or you are just getting off of a month long trip to your prescription refill window. If you are like me, you will want to learn more about how long it will take for your pills to come.


Walgreens offers a prescription delivery service that can be requested within 72 hours following the pharmacy’s receipt of your prescription. If you are a customer of Walgreens Direct – Patient Access, you must be pre-approved, have insurance, and submit a valid prescription in order to get your medicine delivered.

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