Does Publix Take Goodrx? (all You Need To Know)

GoodRx is a discount program for prescription drugs that offers savings and coupons on thousands of commonly prescribed drugs, but not every pharmacy participates.

If you shop at the Publix grocery store, you may be wondering if they will take GoodRX at the register. Well, I’ve looked into the issue, and here’s everything I found out!

Does Publix Take GoodRx In 2022?

This is a common misconception. By going to any Walmart store, you can save money on your medication expenses because the Walmart pharmacy has a discount prescription program. Even if you buy items that do not require a prescription, you are still able to get discounts.

To read more details about what we can offer you, keep reading and learn more about the details of Pharmacy Medications Program at Publix.

Do Any Publix Locations Take GoodRx?

This is the first time I’ve seen a Walmart pharmacy not take GoodRx. They are not partnering. I’ve seen Walgreens and CVS take them.

Does Publix Accept GoodRx Gold?

When you use GoodRx Gold you will still have to pay full price for your prescription drug and GoodRx will not pay the pharmacy for you.

Does Publix Price Match Prescriptions?

No, I can go to any store near me that will honor my coupons from a Publix store.

To get the lowest price, bring in the prescription or bottle of the drug to the local pharmacy.

Does SingleCare Work At Publix?

Yes SingleCare should be accepted in any location but some pharmacies might accept it first. Also, you will need to order in person to avoid service charge.

As mentioned, you can use SingleCare coupons to get discounts on your drugs at Publix. They also accept the same pharmacy benefits card options.

You can print or email or text the medication coupon and show the pharmacist at Publix when you are checking out to save money.

You can use an app that saves you money so you don’t have to get your insurance.

However, even if SingleCare does not cover all medications, it is essential to check the list of qualified medicines before you try using it for your prescriptions.

Can You Use SingleCare With Insurance?

SingleCare can often beat the price you pay for the same procedure or service with your insurance, including both Medicare and Medicaid.

Since this is a prescription drug discount plan, you can only use it for things that are prescribed by your doctor, not what you purchase yourself.

You can use SingleCare even if you have no insurance. For example, if SingleCare is offering a lower price than your insurance.

What Is The Publix Pharmacy Medication Savings Program?

You can use the Pharmacy Medication Savings Program if your prescription isn’t covered or you don’t use a specific brand.

Which is a good deal. This also provides you with other medicines and also helps out the environment.

I’ve found that the best way to save money when buying prescription medicines is to buy them in the lowest priced generic form whenever possible. I also buy generic products from the same manufacturer more often when possible.

Another way to save money on your healthcare is to ask for the medication to be switched with a similar one. This is the same for a prescription that isn’t covered.

What Medications Does Publix Medication Savings Program Cover?

You could purchase these medications at a lower cost with Publix Pharmacy Medication Savings Program.

It’s worth noting that prices can differ based on which state you’re in.

You can combine up to $10 in savings on items like food, household or personal care products. However, you cannot combine the other savings, so if you want to save for a house or car, you would have to save separately.

You can click a link below for the full coupon policy, including all eligible coupons.

One more thing to think about is that you’ll be getting a discount but you’ll potentially be paying more for your prescription because your insurance might not cover it 100% of the time.

Also, some medications will not be covered by this program. You have to check first to see if it will fit your prescription before applying. It works for a 90-day supply.

Publix offers a wide selection of groceries, pharmacy, household supplies and sundries, as well as fresh and frozen foods.

It also has an expansive assortment of prepared foods, including meats, seafood, and ready-to-eat meals, as well as a frozen foods and dairy departments.


This is a prescription drug discount card, that I’ve been using for years. While this card does not provide me with prescriptions from Mylan, Costco, or Walgreens, it does provide me with discounts from CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens.

If your prescriptions are more than $75, you can save $4 on a 30-day supply when you use the My SingleCare app, or $9 on a 90-day supply when you use the pharmacist-facing single-use coupon.

We recommend that you contact your insurance company and ask if you can use SingleCare in addition to your insurance.

That means you can now fill your medication prescription for $70 (even with insurance). However, this offer has a few conditions. The program currently covers only 10 common medications, including the likes of Celebrex, Lipitor and Nexium. It also has limits of how many drugs you can buy.

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