Does Walmart Accept Goodrx? (your Complete Guide)

A huge part of the elderly population relies on these services to find deals for their prescriptions.

Do you use GoodRx for drug purchasing? If so, here is everything you need to know about whether the pharmacy accepts GoodRx, and if it does, which of the two is the better option.

Does Walmart Accept GoodRx In 2022?

GoodRx does not accept any type of discounts. You should purchase your medications at the pharmacy. When purchasing a prescription, customers need to present their drug coupons at checkout along with the prescription.

In case you want to know more about GoodRx, whether GoodRx can be used without a prescription, and much more, keep on reading.

How Can I Use GoodRx To Make Purchases At Walmart?

You can access information about your prescription drugs or medical conditions at, the Web site on the FDA’s Web site.

It will then search for the name of your drug – Zoloft – on the homepage and return a list of pharmacies that offer the right drug.

If no offer is shown in the results you can change the search criteria.
If the search results don’t have any offer you can view available offers for your drugs in a new tab by clicking the icon of a plus sign on the right of the search results and type in the field ‘Search offer’.

GoodRx is a website where you can get free prescriptions and other health related information. To use GoodRx, all you need to do is go to the website and see all the available coupons.

Coupon is printed on both sides of the coupon and is one coupon per person.
Coupon can be printed by clicking on the coupon from your prescription benefits manager.
You can then print the coupon, send the coupon to yourself via email or text, use the GoodRx mobile app, or show the coupon through the GoodRx website to your pharmacist.

For now, it will be easier for them to enter it when you enter a GoodRx coupon code during checkout.

Do All Walmart Locations Accept GoodRx?

All Walmart locations that can accept GoodRx on an
electronic prescription program will accept GoodRx.

Walmart may provide prescriptions at a discount through GoodRx but is not contractually obliged to accept GoodRx as its provider.

A caveat: Sam’s Club (a subsidiary of Walmart) does not currently accept GoodRx Pharmacy coupons at its in-store pharmacy.

If you go to your local Walmart and they refuse to accept a GoodRx coupon, just call 1-800-273-3455 to speak to a pharmacist and have your issue resolved.

Does Walmart Accept GoodRx Gold?

GoodRx Gold works in a way that it allows customers to receive even greater price discounts for their prescriptions.

GoodRx has also partnered with some pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), who have their own prescription plans available. You may already have one of these, or you may be able to sign up for one with a prescription plan. PBMs can also participate in the RX Savings programs GoodRx offers and offer even more of a discount.

However, GoodRX is currently the only prescription discount card accepted by Walmart.

The prescription is a valuable resource that your insurance policy is covering? It can help save you at least 25% off your total pharmacy bill.

Can I Use GoodRx At Walmart Alongside My Insurance?

If you’re like many people who buy their prescriptions from GoodRx, you know that having some insurance can make things much easier. GoodRx, a leading online pharmacy, works with many different insurance plans. If you need help choosing a plan, call (866) 566-5332.

GoodRx is designed to be used by anyone, regardless of the situation.

If you don’t have health insurance, you can get discounts on the medicine you need by filling a prescription at your local pharmacy.

Can I Use GoodRx At Walmart Without A Prescription?

However, you can get a prescription filled at Walmart, CVS, Sam’s Club and retail pharmacies where they have pharmacists available to help you fill your prescription.

These discounts are meant to be used alongside valid prescriptions in order to reduce the cost of medications for patients across the United States.

If you are not feeling better after a few days or are having any trouble walking, you should do the following: First, talk to your healthcare provider; then, he/she may refer you to a walk-in clinic where you may need to leave your health card and insurance card.

GoodRx is a service that many members and nonmembers use to find the best deals on prescriptions. Walmart will be providing a link to GoodRx for members, so it will be easy to find the best deals on prescriptions at Walmart.

Does Walmart Accept GoodRx For Controlled Substances?

If you have questions about the benefits, risks, or use of a medication, please ask your doctor or pharmacist.

For more information about this questioner, click below.

If you’re looking to save time, you can contact your local Walmart and ask if it accepts the GoodRx coupon for controlled substances.

We can’t guarantee the validity of these offers at your local Walmart.

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In order to redeem the GoodRx Gold Card, you will need to enter your card into the GoodRx app and then use the app to check your prescriptions.

Since Walmart has a goodRx contract, they are forced to accept coupons from other retailers.

You don’t have to have insurance to use GoodRx, but you do have to have a valid prescription in order to order from GoodRx.

You can find a better discount for your insurance by using GoodRx instead of your insurance company.

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