How Long Will Walgreens Hold A Prescription? [records, Reminders, Times + More] 

When patients are unable to collect their prescriptions promptly, the health care companies send reminders if the drug prescription has not been picked up.

Although Walgreens might not be holding a prescription for long, they will still be accepting your refill. In fact, they will probably even accept your refill before they’re out of your prescription!

How Long Will Walgreens Hold A Prescription In 2022?

Walgreens Pharmacy is a great partner and we are grateful for it’s help and commitment to our customers. Walgreens provides prescription services to thousands of seniors in their area and makes it easy and convenient for them to receive their medications.

If you want to know what to do should your prescription be on time, or after the hold period is about to expire, and much more, keep on reading!

What Happens If You Don’t Pick Up Your Walgreens Prescription?

When Walgreens fills out your prescription, your seven-day grace period begins.

This is not true. While your prescription is being restocked, a box of other medications may come to the pharmacy, and those medications may take the desired medications to make sure these medications are in stock.

When it comes to medication, 7 days is usually the policy for Walgreens, but some stores may allow prescriptions to be held longer – this varies at each particular location.

Asking the Walgreens store you’re near will also help you to find out the hours of operation and what they do accept (if any).

Does Walgreens Do Reminder Calls For Filled Prescriptions? 

Walgreens encourages patients to call to say they are running late, but they do not require doctors to call.

During this week-and-a-half period, there is no reason for a pharmacist to re-fill or re-stamp a prescription.

the average call is at least two courtesy calls for a prescription that has not been picked up at my local pharmacy.

When I do not receive a courtesy call, I have to wait longer to have my prescription refilled.

Can You Get Your Prescriptions Filled After The Hold Period? 

This can leave Walgreens with a lot of unused prescriptions which they have to get rid of.

It will be better to call up the store where the prescriptions are filled and ask them to refill the prescriptions.

The records are usually not removed at the end of a prescription, but at the end of the month (or year). They can be removed at any time, but it is recommended to keep the records to avoid any future challenges.

How Long Does Walgreens Keep Prescription Records?

Walgreens keeps records for two years. However, with unfilled prescriptions, they only keep the records for one year after the date of writing for that prescription.

For controlled substances like hydrocodone, there is no law that mandates that you must wait 6 months to fill your prescriptions. Filling your prescriptions right away is entirely your choice.

Once you have completed the 6 months of your controlled substances and a year after the date of the prescription, the record will be removed.

So, if you want to get the prescription filled after that, you will have to send Walmart a new prescription.

For further information, you may like to read my guides on getting your medications early and for free, and on getting your prescriptions delivered to your home.

Walmart will not be able to hold prescriptions, especially if they are over the $600 mark.


The company says it will make customer service calls to remind customers about their prescription orders. The prescription will be held for seven days and then can be picked up or ordered.

For non-controlled substances for which a prescription is not required, records of prescriptions are kept for a year. For controlled substances however, the records of prescriptions are kept for six months.

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