Best Buy Tv Return Policy (no Box, Damaged, After 15 Days, No Receipt + More) 

TVs from a variety of brands are available from Best Buy. Some are designed for different preferences, some are designed to accommodate different sizes, some are designed to offer a good picture, some are designed to last a long time, some are designed to offer better sound, some are designed to offer more features. TVs can be designed for a specific purpose or for a number of purposes.

The main return policy at Best Buy is that you can return any TV within 30 days of purchase with a receipt to a store that sells the product, but the store can only issue you a refund or a credit, not a replacement set.

Best Buy TV Return Policy In 2022

You can learn more about whether you can return a damaged TV to Best Buy, whether you can return a TV without the receipt, and much more, from this page.

Does Best Buy Allow TV Returns?

As part of a return policy, Best Buy will allow you to return your TV if you pay the restocking fee. However, you still need to pay, depending on your membership.

If you return a damaged TV, you must also return the accompanying sales receipt or other product details and a copy of your proof of purchase.

You can bring items such as receipts, packing slips, and credit cards plus a valid photo ID as proof of purchase.

Note that you may be charged a deduction fee when the TV is returned to the store in the condition you received it.

Is There A Restriction On The Size Or Type Of TV I Can Return To Best Buy?

Customers will not need a receipt to return a television purchased at a Best Buy store.
However, customers will need a receipt for any television purchased from a Best Buy store online.

The Following are examples of TVs you can buy and return to Best Buy, as long as you do it soon.

Can I Return A Damaged TV To Best Buy?

You can get a refund if a TV that you purchased is damaged while it’s being sent to you by a third party.
You can also replace the TV, if it breaks on you.

When you buy a TV online, you pay for it right away, and Best Buy doesn’t generally offer a repair option.
However, if your TV is damaged by a shipping mistake, you can return it for a replacement, and you can generally pick up the replacement within a few days.
You also have a phone number and address where you can reach a customer service representative if you run into any problems.

However, you may not be able to get a replacement or refund if the TV is damaged during transportation.

Can I Return A Defective TV To Best Buy Without The Box?

Returning defective TVs to Best Buy requires the TV to be defective during the return period. This policy allows the Best Buy customer service staff to inspect the TV before allowing you to return it for a refund.

This returns policy might be difficult to pass on if you bought a TV from Best Buy, but if a Best Buy team brought it into your home, you’ll have to get it back to a different Best Buy store within 30 days.

You have to check whether you can get a refund for the box and any TV accessories that were shipped with your TV.

Does Best Buy Accept Returns Of Damaged TVs Via Mail?

Customers can initiate a no-questions-asked return by calling the Customer Care Center at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289).

Returns for products bought from Best Buy are valid for 10 days after the purchase made.

You’ll be charged for the shipping cost of having your item shipped back to you.

Can I Return A TV To Best Buy Without The Receipt?

Best Buy offers you a chance to return a TV with receipt at no cost. You will receive a shipping label so that you can conveniently ship the TV to them. Best Buy is also able to track your purchase if you have a credit card on file.

You must bring along a valid photo ID with you since Best Buy will verify your transaction with the name on that ID.

It can also reject the return if it suspects fraud or if it has reasons to fear the return is stolen.

Does Best Buy Accept Returns Of Open Box TVs?

For your convenience, Best Buy sells TVs in open boxes at the lowest possible price and are the most affordable option at Best Buy.

If you do not have proof of purchase, send your purchase to [email] [address] or [link] for verification, and we will send your purchase back to you. This will take up to 14 business days to process and be completed.

I’m afraid Best Buy will charge a fee for the things you didn’t buy, they will charge you because you will never use them.

Can I Return A TV Picked Up At A UPS Access Point To Best Buy?

If you can pick up a new TV at Best Buy you can return it to UPS Access Point.

Also, when you buy something elsewhere, you are required to have a receipt with you.

Does Best Buy Accept TV Returns For An Exchange?

You can return your TV to Best Buy, as long as the TV is at least 60 inches, and they will let you exchange it for another, as long as the new TV meets the promise.

In addition to the cost of the new TV, you will not be charged any delivery fee for your newly exchanged TV unless you live in an area with an extra delivery fee.

Does The Best Buy TV Promise Cover Mounting Services?

The Best Buy TV Promise covers mounting services for your newly exchanged TV if you had paid for Best Buy mounting services in your previous purchase.

Best Buy Promise: If you bought a TV from Best Buy with Best Buy mounting services, Best Buy will replace or repair your new TV for free, even if its mounting services are not eligible for Best Buy’s TV Purchase Protection policy.

Unmount the TV, and it will be replaced or refunded. The price for Best Buy TV mounting services is $39.50.

If you had purchased the mounting service with your TV you will only be charged $20 to remove your old TV and only $29 to install the new one.

Please call the Best Buy Store nearest you to verify your estimate.

Once you talk to a Best Buy representative, they’ll walk you through the TV Promise mounting service, the type of TV you have, and help you decide which mounting system might best suit your needs. You’ll then be taken to your nearest Best Buy store for the installation.

Is There A Best Buy Restocking Fee For An Opened TV?

The only TV product that Best Buy will return is the opened TV. Once opened, this TV can be returned to Best Buy as long as you meet all Best Buy’s return policy requirements.

Ensure that you only return the TV, packaging, and all the accessories that were purchased for your TV along with the item.

Will Best Buy Accept A TV Return After 15 Days?

If you have a TV with a warranty, Best Buy will repair or replace the defect.
If your TV has a warranty, you may return it and we’ll process the repair or replacement.
For TVs without a warranty, we’ll return the TV at no cost.

At the time of writing, there is no word on whether the 45-day window for returning purchases applies to everyone, or just for those who pay a yearly membership.

Unfortunately, you may not return a TV after 15 days if your membership status at Best Buy is Standard, BUT you can always upgrade your membership to get the increased return window for items at Best Buy.

**If you want multiple shipping addresses for returning a TV, you will need to be a Next Day Air Member and you must return the TV in the next available shipping window to your original shipping address.

Can I Return Gifted TVs To Best Buy?

The company said that customers can return items that were given to them by other customers instead of going through returns.

If your product was returned by mail, Best Buy will credit you for your purchase and notify you via email.

After the gift receipt is purchased, the item(s) must be returned to the store within 10 days of the purchase. A store receipt will be provided to you. Please write all information on the back of the receipt.

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-Elite and Elite Plus members can return a TV within 30 or 45 days if they bought it from Amazon, Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile;
-Best Buy Standard members can return a TV within 15 days after purchase or delivery.

If you purchase a TV online you can return it within seven days for a full refund as long as you have a receipt and the box is still in good condition. You will get a full refund but you will be responsible for the cost of shipping the TV.

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