Best Buy Printer Return Policy (used, No Box, No Receipt, Low Ink + More) 

Best Buy is also a very large electronics store in the United States. They sell everything from phones to electronics to TVs and computer hardware.

Best Buy’s printer return policy is as follows: you can return the item if it is defective or if the product was damaged in shipping. You must get the damaged products replaced by the seller within 30 days of delivery. You can even return if you have changed your mind about the product, but you will be responsible for paying the return shipping costs.

Best Buy Printer Return Policy In 2022 

According to the company, Best Buy will honor the refund of printers purchased from them in-store. The company will also refund shipping charges in the cases of orders placed on their website.

If you want to learn about how to return a printer, whether you can return a used printer, whether Best Buy charges a restocking fee for printers, and much more, keep on reading!

Can I Return A Used Printer To Best Buy? 

If you return a printer that has visible signs of damage to the product, or a missing accessory from the product, you will be charged an additional fee.

Note that in the event of return of the product, Best Buy will deduct the return fee from the reimbursement.

Best Buy carries the following printer brands: Xerox, Canon, Epson, HP, and Lexmark.

Does Best Buy Charge A Restocking Fee When Returning A Printer? 

If you return a printer for which Best Buy does not charge a restocking fee, you will receive the refund amount when the item is returned to the store. Best Buy will take a restocking fee when it has given you a restocking number.
If you exchange a printer with another model, you will receive the difference in the return amount paid by Best Buy.
If you exchange a printer with an item, you will receive the difference in return amount paid by Best Buy.

To learn more about the products for which Best Buy charges restocking fees, take a look at this link.

Can I Return A Printer Without The Box To Best Buy? 

As long as the box is not damaged and has no broken parts, Best Buy will not charge the buyer for the box.

However, you can be refunded the amount of the lost packaging, depending on the discretion of the store manager.

The printer might have been shipped without the manufacturer’s packaging box.

Note that not all items come with all accessories.

If you return your printer and package it accordingly, you should receive your refund within 30-60 days.

I think Best Buy requires you to attach proof of purchase and check the printer is not physically damaged while returning it.

Can I Return A Printer Purchased at By Mail?

You can return your printer purchased from through the mail as long as you ship it within the united states.

Please return your printer toBest Buy via mail.

However, I do recommend using UPS or Insured USPS for proof of delivery.

Can I Return A Printer Cartridge With Low Ink To Best Buy? 

The store will not accept returns of cartridges with low ink since it’s considered a non-refundable item.

Best Buy does not manufacture its own ink cartridges and may be unaware of the ink levels in your cartridge.

Some people had the same problem as me, and they had to contact the manufacturer if the problem was not resolved through their website or support team.

One of the things that Best Buy is known for is recycling printers’ ink cartridges. Best Buy is currently giving you a $2 coupon to the first 2,000 customers who bring in their old printer ink to get recycled.

Can I Return A Printer Without The Receipt? 

You’ll have to provide an alternative proof of purchase to return the printer because of the new requirement of a receipt.

If you don’t have a receipt, you should bring your bill/invoice and valid photo ID for verification.

If you don’t have a receipt, you should bring your bill/invoice and valid photo ID for verification.

After using the device or software, if you’re not happy with the results, you can either return it and get a full refund, or get a different, free replacement.

If Best Buy can’t find your purchase, it reserves the right to refuse your return request.

Some states offer sales tax refunds on any state-bought item without proof of purchase. However, if possible, returns without proof of purchase may require an email address, and no fee refunds will be made on any state sales taxes.

If you are looking to learn more about Best Buy, you can also check out our related articles on if Best Buy charges for returns, and a guide to Best Buy’s return policy without a receipt.


New-like condition is the way customers see it. Customers can’t return printers they had opened up, used, or refurbished.

The product is sold without original packaging, and may have minor scratches or minor blemishes.

You may return the equipment via any Best Buy store nationwide or at within 30 days of purchase. Returns will not be accepted after the return period has passed.

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