Home Depot Generator Return Policy (used, Poor Quality Product, No Receipt + More)

If you are trying to power electronics for outdoor events, Home Depot sells a variety of generators and inverters.

At Home Depot, generators can be returned within 60 days of purchase.
If you return a generator within 60 days, you will be credited with a 10% restocking fee.
But, this is only for the purchase price of the generator.
If you return a generator, it must be in the exact same
condition as it was delivered.

Home Depot Generator Return Policy In 2022

The Home Depot will now be offering a 30 day guarantee on most home appliances for a portion of the value of the item. They also allow customers to return appliances without the box or packaging as long as they have proof of purchase.

If you want to learn more about whether you can return a used generator to Home Depot, if you need to return a generator without the receipt, and much more read on and see if you can get a replacement.

Can I Return A Used Generator To Home Depot?

However, returning a used generator to Home Depot can be tricky because the brand of the generator may not be known to Home Depot. Additionally, the condition of the generator may be unknown. Home Depot will return the generator only to the store where the generator was purchased from.

“The generator is now being returned, if it hasn’t been returned in the past 1h+ then the generator is now available again.”

It should be mentioned that the generator now has a return message.

It’s important to note that the damage must be consistent with the reason for the return. If a lamp does not work because is broken, then it is not covered under our warranty.

What If The Generator I Purchased From Home Depot Is Of Poor Quality?

You will most likely pick up your generator from an associate at the store, who will then ask for information about your generator.

While you should reject defective items, the policy does not state that you need to return the product to the seller. You may be able to return the product to the manufacturer.

If you have the option available, try to avoid the possibility of having to ship your own product. Sometimes, it’s best to have a third party product just for the purpose of testing.

However, if there is an absence of defect in the unit, and your generator is not defective, you will be eligible to return the item back to Home Depot.

Can I Return A Generator To Home Depot Without The Box?

If you believe that the generator you purchased was defective, you will likely be able to return the generator to Home Depot without its box or original packaging.
* * *
If you elect to return any Home Depot product under your Home Depot store credit, any product returned on a Home Depot delivery or pick-up schedule will be returned in a box. Items returned without a prepaid shipping label attached will not be eligible for a refund or exchange, unless damaged or defective.

We do not sell returnable merchandise. Please return the following using the mail-in label on the top of the box or container.

In addition, please be sure to include your receipt in the package.

Can I Return A Generator To Home Depot Without The Receipt?

Here are some of the ways to regain your receipt for the item that you want to return.

Check the receipt for your item if you have it in person at the store. You can also check at the [return].
Contact your [store representative] to see if they know where the receipt is located.
If no one at the store knows where your receipt is located, then contact our [Customer Service] team.

You can save your receipt for up to 30 days to keep track of your order.
If you need to reprint the receipt, an Associate can do this easily.

Instead, you can sign for an additional Pro Xtra account. In this case, your online receipts are stored in the app.

You will have to bring a valid driver’s license or government-issued photo ID. This ID will be shown to the third party responsible for verifying your identity at the security checkpoint.

Home Depot has a policy of giving a refund within a refund window of 30 days, but
Home Depot gives refunds based on an order number, not a receipt.
Home Depot allows returns within 30 days after purchase, regardless of receipt.
Home Depot’s return policy is 30 days, regardless of receipt.


You need to return the generator, if you bought it, to any Home Depot store within 30 days of purchase, without the packaging.

While the generator is inspected before it goes home, it is unlikely that there will be any defects. But if a defect is found then the Home Depot will exchange it for a new replacement.

If the return is not verified, you will not be refunded nor have the items sent back to you.

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