Home Depot Power Tool Return Policy (types Of Tools, Damaged, Used, No Receipt + More) 

While Home Depot has an extensive collection of such high-quality tools for DIYs, it’s also a popular place for thieves to easily take advantage of vulnerable consumers.

In order to return your power tool, you will need to contact Home Depot (or another retailer) to request the “Return Authorization.” Once Home Depot has received a Return Authorization from you, they will then contact you to schedule the required paperwork and collection.

Home Depot Power Tool Return Policy In 2022

The store provides a service called “Power Tool Protection” with each purchase, where power tools are shipped to a repair facility and then returned to customers. Customers are able to request replacements or repairs if items break.

If you want to know more about the specific tool you return, such as
if you need a new or different kind of tool for your job, the
department manager will be happy to help. However, for most tools
(except for larger items that must be shipped back), you can return
them to any Home Depot store.

What Types Of Tools Can I Return To Home Depot?

If you have any power tool, woodworking tool, or lawn and garden tool that you purchased at Home Depot from January 2, 2012 and to September 1, 2012, for a total purchase amount of $500 or more, you can return the tool to either the Home Depot store or mail it back to the address listed on the receipt.

Gas-powered tools are an exception to this policy, as listed in Home Depot’s return policy exceptions.

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 The tools need to be returned to Home Depot within 30 days, and they must be in good condition with a valid receipt.

Please return your old tools to Home Depot. They need to be returned in the mail because gasoline is toxic and flammable.

You need to switch on the tool before you put it back into the wall.

How Long Do I Have To Return Power Tools To Home Depot?

If you bought your power tools from your local home improvement store, you can return them after 90 days.

If you purchased them using any of the credit options at Home Depot, then you can return them to them in the year 2020 or 2021.

If you do not return the item, Home Depot may charge you the current fair market value of the product.

This is how the Credit Card works. You can charge anything you like on your account and then you will automatically be credited the amount of the charge. This is good because it provides you with a way to finance your purchases. This is like an IOU.

Home Depot is giving back tools that are bought in their store, but if you bought the tools from Amazon.com, you have 90 days to return them to get your money back.

If you have Home Depot’s credit options, you can purchase items and then have them return to home Depot.

Can I Return Opened Power Tools To Home Depot?

If you buy power tools at Home Depot, you are eligible for a full refund if you don’t use them.

Online shoppers have reported that some store managers may accept returns on tools that have been opened if they have all the accessories and are in good condition.

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Can I Return Used Power Tools To Home Depot?

You can return power tools if they are in good condition and you can’t see any obvious signs of wear and tear.

Power tool returns will be done at the discretion of the Store Manager for the customer’s convenience and safety.

If you are returning a used power tool to Home Depot, make sure you have the proof of purchase, the original packaging, and will return the power tool before the returns window closes.

Can I Return Power Tools Without The Box To Home Depot?

As stated in the Home Depot return policy, power tools should be returned unopened and unused in order to be eligible for a refund.

For Home Depot customers:

If you need to make a return, place the item in the original packaging.
Keep the receipt as your proof of purchase.
We will ask you to fill out some basic information about your return.

However, it is at the discretion of the management to decide whether or not to accept the return of a power tool without a box.

If you return the power tool without the box, you are responsible for the box and any damages the power tool may incur.

You might be the same as other people who might be coming out of Home Depot with power tools.

Do I Need A Receipt To Return Power Tools To Home Depot?

Returning home tools to Home Depot can be quite complicated, as they want customers to return their tools with a receipt of purchase. It is also advised to keep the receipt, just in case.

However, Home Depot states that if you have lost your receipt, they may be able to get your purchase within their systems depending on what you purchased. For example, if you made a purchase with a credit or debit card they will be able to find that purchase in their systems.

Home Depot has a system that allows customers to check out and receive a receipt for purchases made with debit and credit cards, and checks.

if you don’t have a receipt at home depot we don’t know where your purchase is or if you have it your account is closed.

You will be issued a refund for the lowest purchase price for the item you wish to return.

How Do I Return Power Tools To Home Depot?

You can return your power tools to Home Depot through the mail.

*The Home Depot’s Return Policy is listed above only as an example based on the tool you are returning; the exact policy and exclusions can vary.

If you can’t afford to have your power tools repaired, you could schedule a collection at your Home Depot to have them returned.

You need to prove to your store what you purchased, but you can simply bring your driver’s license and have it scanned.

The reason they need third party verification is that Home Depot needs to make sure the items are the same or similar to the ones purchased. You cannot return items that are different.

You can also return your power tools through Home Depot by contacting Customer Care at 800-430-3376 who will be able to process your return.

Please note that shipments back to Home Depot are handled by our third party UPS delivery service and that we are unable to provide shipping tracking or shipping insurance for your return.

How Will I Receive My Home Depot Power Tool Refund?

You can get your return for your power tools through the same payment method you used to purchase the product.

If you pay for your power tools through the store’s website, they will send you instructions on how to get your money back.

What Should I Do If My Home Depot Power Tools Are Damaged?

The return condition should be as new, unused and unaltered. The price will only be refunded if the tool is not used or changed.

Please contact their customer service to set up an appointment for a return.

Home Depot has 3 different ways to resolve your issue. If you call the store customer service, they’ll be glad to help you schedule a return within the next 30 days. If you email customer support, they’ll have everything you need to resolve your issue. If you call Home Depot at this time, you’ll be able to schedule a return.

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Conclusion: Home Depot Power Tool Return Policy

At Home Depot, you have 90 days to return opened and used tools if you get your receipt as long as the tools are in the same condition.

You can return your power tools to Home Depot in-store, via mail or online, contact the Customer Care team.

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