Does Walgreens Blow Up Balloons? [helium, balloon types, Price + More] 

Balloons can be used as a decoration at parties. They are available in most stores, but getting them inflated can be a real hassle.

Since there are many things you can get done at a Walgreens, you may be wondering: does Walgreens blow up balloons? Here is what I found out!

Does Walgreens Blow Up Balloons In 2022?

I don’t like to buy balloons at Walgreens. They don’t blow up balloons of any kind as of 2022. Instead, you can get balloons blown up with helium from stores like Albertsons, Party City, Party Depot, Wally’s Party Factory, Walmart, and Dollar General for between $0.75 and $8.

It is recommended you go to Walgreens to get blown up balloons. You can find them on the dollar store aisle. The price is usually a dollar or two per balloon.

Does Walgreens Blow Up Helium Balloons?

Of course, you can get balloons at Walgreens stores, but you’ll have to ask a store associate or employee for help in locating balloons. While you’re at it, you might as well stock up on some helium, since you can use this gas to fill balloons at home.

In fact, the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) makes use of this gas in many of its spacesuits.

Where Can You Get Balloons Blown Up? 

1) Kroger
2) Smith’s
3) H-Town
4) Wags
5) Costco
6) Shop n Save
7) Ralphs

8) Any other store in the lower mainland.

You can also check out dollar tree and 99 cents only for cheaper alternatives.

But, to answer your question, you are correct that the balloon goes directly to the bottom of the box. The box is a “container” that is not necessarily a box you can open and see inside. This is a marketing tactic by the box manufacturer, and it is the same for virtually all non-fragile boxed products. You can see this in many products. The products are advertised as “No Box Needed” or “No Container Needed” so you will not be able to see inside.

What Type Of Balloons Can You Get Blown Up?

– “party balls” which have a small party flag glued on the end;
– “party balloons” which have a big party balloon on top and a small party flag glued on the end.

You can sometimes find colored party balloons that can be blown up like colorful party balls.

How Much Does It Cost To Blow Up Balloons? 

When choosing the size, you’ll have to pay whatever your price is at that particular store. Also, a smaller balloon is considered the same price as a larger one.

For latex balloons, you can expect to pay anywhere between $0.50 and $2, depending on the size. The cost for mylar balloons varies, as well. Most places charge $1 or $2 for a small balloon, and $2 or $3 for a large balloon. For smaller mylar balloons, the cost may be around $1 or $2. For larger mylar balloons, the cost may be around $1.50 to $2.50.

For example, a balloon of 12-inches costs $0.75, an 18-inch balloon costs $0.90, and a 36-inch Mylar balloon costs $4.

Also, if you’re new to the world of gift cards, you can learn more about gift cards in general over at the Gift Card Hero blog.


In addition to latex and Mylar balloons, stores like Dollar Tree, Party Depot, Party City, and 99 Cents Only also offer a variety of other balloon types, including the popular party balloons, the colorful balloons, and the traditional balloons.

When looking for a balloon that’s going to last, the best way to tell is usually by the color – if the balloon is yellow it would be safe to assume that it will last longer than the blue ones.

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