Does Dollar Tree Fill Helium Balloons? (full Guide)

Helium balloons are a fun way to give a bright touch of color to any festive celebration. If you could please make the intro a bit more engaging to hook the reader in.

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 Because of the variety of things you can get at Dollar Tree, you may be wondering about their helium balloons. I have found that Dollar Tree generally stocks a selection of different balloons.

Does Dollar Tree Fill Helium Balloons In 2022?

Dollar Tree can only fill balloons from their store in order to maintain the proper helium pressure. Since this is a very small percentage of balloons purchased, this is not a big problem.
Dollar Tree can only fill foil balloons and has a limited range of helium types they can fill.
Dollar Tree is unable to fill balloons that an individual has purchased elsewhere.

If you have any additional questions, check out the FAQ page to learn more, including which types of balloons are sold and other balloon accessories.

How Much Does It Cost To Fill Helium Balloons At Dollar Tree?

A Dollar Tree spokesman told USA Today that the balloons are safe and that they won’t explode like the kind you blow up for the 4th of July. He said that the balloons are made of material similar to the plastic cups in the store.

Dollar Tree has a huge selection of balloons, more than other stores we’ve seen. The balloons are all foil/metallic, which we didn’t expect to see, and there was plenty of selection for each size.

What Kinds Of Balloons Does Dollar Tree Inflate?

This makes people think there’s something wrong with the balloon.
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I checked with Dollar Tree. They can only fill foil/metallic balloons, and they are unable to fill latex balloons.

Dollar Tree has some interesting items to blow up balloons, especially for holidays. As long as your balloon is foil, you can blow up Dollar Tree balloons, and they’re very cheap.

Can You Fill Helium Balloons Purchased Online?

To inflate the balloons you have purchased online from Dollar Tree you must bring them to your local Dollar Tree to be filled, and this is not included.

You might need to call your local balloon shop in advance to ensure they have the special type of helium needed for your particular type of balloon.

Additionally, a copy of your purchase receipt is required for free balloon filling (including the cost of the balloons!), as this is included in the purchase.

Does Dollar Tree Sell Pre-Filled Balloons?

Even if this does not change your point, I do get the feeling you think that my point was to sell balloons for profit. It wasn’t.

In addition to standard 4′ balloons, the Dollar Tree site sells a variety of different sizes and kinds of balloons. You can also purchase helium.

It also offers a variety of different types of balloons such as round, square, and star balloons.

What Type Of Balloons Does Dollar Tree Sell?

There are a few ways to buy balloons at Dollar Tree. They sell latex balloons and foil balloons in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Balloon latex is incredibly stretchable but allows small amounts of air to leak out during its lifespan. Therefore, balloon latex will only last a few days.

As the foil balloons are constructed from a blend of nylon and metal, they tend to last longer than other types of balloons. Their lifespan is usually around two weeks.

What Other Balloon & Party Accessories Does Dollar Tree Sell?

With Dollar Tree and with balloons, you will have everything that you will need to throw a party.

To prevent helium balloons from floating away, you may use a decorative table weight, a balloon clip, or a balloon stick.

How Can You Know If Your Local Dollar Tree Fills Helium Balloons?

If you don’t have a helium source that you can count on, you can turn to your local dollar store.

You can buy helium balloons at a Dollar Tree, in a gas station, or at your local grocery store. The only thing you can’t buy at a Dollar Tree is hydrogen.

In order to find a location nearest to you, enter your location in the search box on the top right of this page.

What Other Stores Fill Helium Balloons?

The only problem you may face in getting balloons from Dollar Tree is that they won’t have enough helium for your balloons.

If you want to fill your balloons, you can go to any of these alternative places.

A tank is a container filled with helium. When you blow up balloons, you are filling them with air. When you fill a balloon with helium, your balloon will be lighter and therefore easier to inflate.


At first, this would seem to be an easy way to get a discount on balloons, but that is not the case. There are numerous factors that contribute to the overall cost of the balloon, and if one of those factors changes, the price of the balloon can change.

   You can either purchase a balloon in-store, or online, or even from a different store,  and then you would have to pay an extra fee to fill the balloon with helium, but when you purchase a balloon from Dollar Tree, you would be able to fill the balloon with helium for just $1.

In short, a promotional balloon promotion is a product that is either free or very cheap to purchase during a specific time period (like this one). In this case, the promotional balloon is for the Dollar Tree products.

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