Buying Stamps On Amazon (is It Legit, Prices, Types + More)

The world’s most successful company has been going strong for a lot of years now, and that is in part because Amazon has virtually everything you can imagine, including many things that aren’t actually things.

Yes, it is cheaper to buy a package of stamps on Amazon than with a store. For some countries, buying stamps online will also include an optional shipping service.

There is a way to buy stamps online through Amazon.
You can view all your stamps through the Amazon website.
You can buy stamps from the online store through Amazon.

Can You Buy Stamps On Amazon In 2022?

Stamps on Amazon cost more than other types of stamps because of the cost of shipping. They also take longer to process, so they do not ship as quickly. Stamps on Amazon are also made of more expensive materials, so they are more durable.

For information on spotting fake stamps on Amazon or other websites, read on!

Is Buying Stamps On Amazon Legit?

Amazon has been selling stamps as a part of their Amazon Market Place for quite some time now.

In the end, the company decided to stop selling stamps due to the continuous issues with fraud and overinflated prices.

Amazon still sells stamps, however, there is a risk of buying the wrong stamp or one of the wrong price.

In order to avoid this, Amazon does its best to detect any seller who tries to sell fake stamps.

It is important for us as sellers to ensure that our products are bought from verified sellers within the Amazon system.

What Kinds Of Stamps Does Amazon Sell?

Amazon has Forever Stamps, which are approved by the United States Postal Service and are sold in sheets of 20 or more.

In Australia, they can order an ink pad and a few envelopes and the mail will ship immediately. It makes little sense to ship the mail first and then buy the postage, so you can expect that the shipping is included in the price.

They have a wide selection of what you see and can choose from, whether it be the traditional US banner or a fun novelty design.

They sell the single stamps. Unfortunately, you can only purchase them in bulk, as the only other option is to order them from a stamp supplier.

Are Stamps More Expensive On Amazon?

Forever Stamps on Amazon are about $20, which is a little more expensive than the price the United States Postal Service offers them ($12).

You have to pay more for the stamps but they have a good selection of other products and usually do not have the lowest price like Amazon.

If you are a member of the Amazon Prime program, then you can have your stamps delivered within a two days. This is a faster shipping time compared to other companies can match.

Is There An Advantage To Buying Stamps On Amazon?

Stamp prices on Amazon are a little higher compared to the other two sites. However, there are still a few advantages to buying stamps through Amazon.

The second advantage of shopping online is that you get to buy items that you might never think of. You get to try on your favorite item when you go to the website and you don’t have to put it in the cart until the very last minute to save room in your shopping cart. You don’t have to worry about being able to return an item if you don’t like it, or if it doesn’t fit right; the items that you purchase can be shipped right to your house.

Another advantage in buying stamps on Amazon is that you can order a variety of other products simultaneously, allowing you to make one order on one website at the same time.

Amazon will allow you to order a cleaning product, household item, or anything else at the same time you purchase stamps. This convenience makes buying stamps through Amazon worth it, even if the price is a little higher.

Where Else Can You Buy Stamps Online?

If you’re concerned about price, you can buy stamps from dozens of companies that you can order from over the Internet.

The U.S. Post Office web site has the largest selection of stamps.

If you are on the hunt for a holiday-themed holiday stamp or stamp set, you can use to create an account. Just click on “Log in now” on the site’s homepage. offers a wide range of deals and discounts for all your shipping and postage needs.

You’ve just subscribed to and can now send and receive all kinds of mail at no cost.

How Long Does It Take Stamps To Get Delivered Through Amazon?

If you’re not a member of Amazon Prime, it can take anywhere between two days and a few weeks to have your stamps delivered to your house, depending on your location.

If you’re going to have stamps made, you can order them the next day.
You can be mailed your new stamps.

Usually, your delivery time will be about 10-14 days, but it can vary depending on the amount of postage.

You can expect your order to take up to 10-14 days to ship from the time you place your order, so don’t worry if it does not arrive in the specified time frame. However, if you do expect your order to arrive later than stated on the product page, please contact us. Our team will do their best to accommodate any delays.

How Do You Buy Stamps On Amazon?

Unlike almost any other Amazon product, finding stamps on the site is simple because you can search the keyword phrase directly in the search bar.

The site will allow shoppers to search by type of stamp, from the most common types to uncommon ones.

Once you find the stamps you like, you simply add them to your cart and either continue shopping for your other products or click to checkout.

You can also see our article on where you get deliveries from as well as where you can get your Christmas presents from.


Amazon does sell single stamps. But you can only buy them in sheets of 20 or coils of 100, the website does not offer single stamps at the most.

Regarding the price, Amazon sells stamps in sheets of 20 for around $20, which is a little more expensive compared to other retailers that offer stamps in the same quantity.
You can purchase the stamps here.

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