Does Walgreens Sell Stamps? [price, Locations, Types + More] 

Walgreens has more than 8,000 stores across the country, and millions of customers visit each week to purchase their everyday essentials and prescriptions.

One of the more interesting things I found was that Walgreens (for some reason) sells old-fashioned U.S. stamps that the USPS actually sends out. I think that there is a way to use these stamps on your own in a way that is less costly than buying a private letter carrier. I imagine that the Postal Service could not legally stop them from doing so.

Does Walgreens Sell Stamps In 2022? 

Walgreens sells single stamps and sets of 100 in booklets that are found in the office supplies section or bought over the counter as of 2022. Walgreens also sells packages of 20 that you can buy in some stores. Stamp purchases do not count towards your Balance Rewards.

Walgreens has a variety of different stamps that you can buy for your transactions and save with a reward that you earn.

What Type Of Stamps Does Walgreens Sell?

Walgreens sells its own stamps with a picture of the American flag.

These are the same stamps that you will find at the U.S. Post Office, so you don’t have to worry about getting invalid stamps when buying these from Walgreens.
– These are the same stamps you will find at the U.S. Post Office, so you don’t have to worry about getting invalid stamps when buying these from Walgreens.

How Much Do Stamps Cost At Walgreens?

I went to 4 different Walgreens stores and every single booklet of 20 stamps had the same price of $11.

Luckily, most stores offer the option of buying stamps in singles or in bundles that are smaller than the standard one.

You can call your nearest Walgreens store and ask before hand if they sell single stamps or custom-sized bundles. In stores that do, you will be able to buy your stamps for 55 cents per stamp.

The U.S. Post Office does not charge additional fees for shipping to international destinations.

With Walgreens, you get your stamps delivered to your door with no service charge.
So if you are using one of these services, you still need to buy stamps from your local post office and mail them. If you mail your stamps yourself from your home or office, you need to print them yourself.

Some services do offer stamps that can be used to print stamps.

Where In The Store Are Stamps Located? 

If you are planning on getting stamps in a store for the first time, it is recommended that you get a ‘business card size’ stamp instead of the post-card sized ones.

Another option is to ask for more time to get stamps, but you should make sure that you can get them at the place where you are asked to wait to avoid inconvenience.

Can You Buy Stamps Online At Walgreens? 

But, if you can get stamps, you can send a letter with it.

You will also find stamps listed on their website and can place an order online, but you will have to pick them up from the store yourself.

Can You Earn Reward Points From Buying Stamps At Walgreens?

Unlike the old Walgreens Balance Rewards, now known as Walgreens Savings Accounts, your purchases will not get credited to your Walgreens Balance Rewards card.

Once you have achieved 1000 points through Balance Rewards, you can use them to get $1 off your next purchase.

How Can You Find The Nearest Walgreens To Buy Stamps? 

Walgreens has about 8000 stores spread intelligently all over the country. For most Americans, there will be a Walgreens store located within a five-mile radius.

You can use the store locator provided by Walgreens itself and it will tell you the nearest store by country.

Go to this page, enter your address in the form, and click Search. All the Walgreens near you will show up.

The store locator will also give you the contact number of each store, address and opening hours so that you can call to ask about the availability of the stamps before you visit the physical store.

If you are looking to buy more products or get free samples from Walgreens, also see my posts on purchasing Amazon Gift Cards at Walgreens, buying postcards from Walgreens, and their new policy on selling tobacco products.


Walgreens sometimes sells stamps at its stores. You can inquire in the store whether they sell single stamps. Walgreens sometimes sells single stamps at its stores. Walgreens usually does. Walgreens usually does.

Most Forever stamps are sold to the U.S. Postal Service. Many other people then verify that the stamps are valid. Walgreens sells a stamp that contributes in your Walgreens Balance Rewards pool.

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