Does Kroger Sell Stamps? (Types, Pricing + Other Faqs!)

Stamps are very popular now because many big and small retailers are selling them. Stamps not only help people to send letters and postcards but also bring them more souvenirs.

With more than 2,000 stores in 29 states and Washington, D.C., Kroger has a wide variety of products for you to choose from. If you are looking for U.S.P.S. stamps, you may be wondering whether they can be purchased in your local store. Here is an overview of what I have found so far!

Does Kroger Sell Stamps In 2022?

Kroger has some info on their website to help you learn about the cost of stamps at Kroger and how they can be purchased.

What Type Of Stamps Does Kroger Sell?

The Kroger stores that sell U.S. Postal Service (USPS) stamps are separate from the Kroger stamp section. The stamps are sold from the same checkout area at most Kroger stores.

A United States postal first-class stamp that can be used for sending mail via the United States Postal Service.

It is a nice way of keeping your family, friends and acquaintances in your life by sending them a card at holidays, birthday, Christmas and other special occasions.

Note that some stores do not stock individual stamps and instead provide a “sheet” of stamps containing enough stamps for a wide range of denominations, some of which are used while others are unused.

How Can You Buy Stamps From Kroger?

You can get stamps at a discount if you buy them in bulk but if you buy them in packets of a reasonable number of stamps you’ll get a better deal.

You can visit any checkout or cashier station at a Kroger store using any accepted mode of payment. These modes of payment include a debit, credit or debit-credit card, as well as cash, checks, and personal checks. If you are using a Kroger card, you will need to have a PIN attached to your card to enable electronic transactions.

To make the buying experience easy for the customer, Kroger has installed scales at all of its cashier stations for you to weigh your package or parcel and then calculate how many stamps you should purchase.

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Kroger?

Krogers sells the stamp at the same rate $0.55 per stamp as all licensed United States Post Office distributors and a few Krogers locations are not able to sell stamps. Stamps are not sold in store pharmacies.

While Kroger offers discounts to people who buy stamps in large quantities, they also offer discounts when purchasing things like milk and eggs.

A book of 20 first class stamps from Kroger can help save you around $0.06, which is equivalent to 2 cents for every stamp.

If you go to a Kroger supermarket to buy stamps, be sure to buy several stamps to save even more money.

Can You Buy Stamps Online at

Unfortunately, there is no online access to stamps at and you will have to visit a nearby Kroger store if you wish to buy any.

How Do I Know If A Nearby Kroger Store Sells Stamps?

When you visit a Kroger store you can use the Kroger online store locator to find the location of the store nearest to you, and then call it up to ask about the availability of stamps.

Is Kroger the Best Place to Buy Stamps in 2022?

Kroger makes sure that there’s quality services in all of its stores nationwide.

Because Kroger has really good prices, you can save money with your stamps.

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Kroger is offering discounts on first-class lifetime stamps at some of its stores. They also sell seasonal first-class lifetime stamps at some of its stores.

You could earn up to $0.47 per each 20 stamp booklet (first-class forever stamps) and are not sold individually. You can earn a balance in your rewards pool for each purchase.

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