Does Usps Buy Back Unused Stamps? (try This Instead)

If you have a lot of stamps you don’t need, and you’re saving them for a rainy day, you’ll likely never need them back. But in the event that you do have a bunch of unused postage, the USPS will buy them back for you. They just need you to tell them where to send them.

We asked a few friends and coworkers about this question, but no one could give us an answer. So, we decided to do some digging on our own. Here’s what we found!

Does USPS Buy Back Unused Stamps In 2022?

The post office will stop buying back stamps in 2022. They will only give you back equal amounts of postage. This means you will need to sell them to a stamp buying service. Usually, you’ll get about 40 to 70% of the value of the stamp.

The stamps that you get on your passport, while you are on a short trip to another nation, can be used.

Can I Return Unused Stamps to USPS?

If you have unused stamps that are not worth anything to you, take them to a Post Office and ask for a refund. The cost to get your refund is the same as if that stamp was new; you have to mail it back.

As in the case of stamps, you have the same amount of money to use to buy
the equivalent of a first-class letter.

This means you can exchange your token for Ether ONLY if you meet the requirements.

For example, a local post office has the power to decide if a registered package can go to its overseas address at the post office.

Only damaged stamps are eligible for an exchange.
It has to be reported to JAM and the damaged stamp will be processed.
The customer needs to pay for the damaged stamp and the shipping.

You should have used the same number of damaged and non-damaged stamps.

Where Can I Sell My Unused Postage Stamps?

If you are out of stamps and need to mail a letter, you can go to your local post office and sell your unused stamps.

There are lots of companies that are willing to give you cash in exchange for your unused stamps.

This would be a very good option if you no longer use stamps and just have a huge stamp collection.

This is not a legal system, but rather a method of making money. If we take the 70% to be a fair estimate, then we can estimate the value of stamps that I would have to sell for a profit on my own, just as they had estimated the value of stamps in their advertising, to be about $150.

Is It Legal to Sell Unused Postage Stamps?

If you happen to have some stamps lying around, you can sell them for cash.

What Postage Items Will USPS Refund or Exchange?

However, this does not apply to:

Stamps issued at the Postmaster General’s discretion.
Stamps issued through the USPS Book of the Month Club.

Please keep in mind that the following applies:

The USPS is not responsible for lost or stolen mail.
Any damage to merchandise must be reported to the post office within 14 days from the date of purchase.

If your item did not arrive within the time you agreed, and you have
not been given an explanation for the late shipment, you may request
full refunds. For example, you should receive:

* Your purchase price for the item sent.
* Your shipping (if you paid for shipping).

Because the postage is refundable if you get a sticker with the wrong information, you should choose the correct one before you buy your item from the USPS website.

The player gets something, and the AI gets something.

You can’t return an item that’s been delivered to you.

Can I Use Old Stamps for Mail?

You don’t need to worry about expiry dates on stamps, so you can use old, unused stamps.

If you don’t have the right postage, it can get returned to you or you may have to pay the additional postage.

To learn more about USPS stamp types, the 70-cent stamps, and how many stamps you need for other countries, check out our posts on USPS stamp types, 70-cent stamps, and how many stamps do you need for Mexico.


US Postal Service doesn’t buy back unused stamps but they can exchange them for postage of equal value. Some stamp selling services give you cash for unused stamps, but you will only be given a percentage of their full value.

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