Usps Flat Rate Envelope Restrictions (your Full Guide)

This is one of the most popular post office envelopes as they offer a flat rate shipping which is cheap and easy to use. It is also a popular option for businesses that are looking for small to medium size shipping.

 It’s true that the price you pay is determined by the box or envelope you choose, not by the weight or distance the package is traveling.

Flat Rate Envelopes can help you save significant money, as they are very convenient for you to use. If you want to learn more, just read on.

USPS Flat Rate Envelope Restrictions In 2022

The USPS Flat Rate Envelopes feature one low flat rate. Postage price is determined by the envelope type. In addition, flat Rate envelopes usually are the most inexpensive shipping option available. To benefit from Flat Rate pricing, envelopes must weigh less than 70 lbs. and have a maximum dimension of 108 inches.

If you’re looking to know more about the different types of envelopes available, how much you can expect to pay and which items can ship in Flat Rate envelopes, then you’re in the right place!

What Types Of Flat Rate Envelopes Are Available?

The dimensions of the flat rate envelopes are listed in the table below. You may notice that the standard letter envelope has a slightly larger dimension when compared to the other flat rate envelopes.

How Much Do Flat Rate Envelopes Cost?

$10 flat rate envelope is a $10.00 charge per envelope regardless of the number of pieces inside the envelope.

The price for one page of text or a 1.5×2.5″ photo or other is $4.50 (the postage).
The price for more than one page of text or multiple photos is $5.00 (for each additional page or each additional small photo).
The price for a 3×5″ photo or other is $10.00 (the postage).

You can get some free flat rate envelopes from the Post Office or you can order some on their website by clicking here.

How Do I Attach Postage To A Flat Rate Envelope? 

You can select a flat rate envelope, a non-flat rate envelope, a certified mail option, an express mail option, or a postage meter option.

You can combine stamps to cover the postage cost plus a small fee, or you can use an online service like Click-N-Ship to print and affix your mail.

When Should I Use A USPS Flat Rate Envelope?

The cheapest shipping option is for all the reasons mentioned in the original blog post.

Mailing things that are exactly 1 lb can be hard sometimes. But I like to use my own envelope.

If you’re sending something that weighs 1 pound or less, you should use the First-Class Package Service.

What Are The Maximum Dimensions For A Flat Rate Envelope?

They are not the same. The size of the envelope is the same, but the box size is different.

The products should have a length and width of no more than 72 inches.
And you are not restricted to “straight” products (i.e. products which can be cut into more easily identifiable sections, like a “door” or “ceiling”).

If you are looking for maximum protection, you should look for other envelopes that are more robust with the ability to protect your documents.

If it is so full that excessive amounts of tape are needed to close it, the post office will charge you according to the weight of the envelope. So if you’re mailing within a zone that has a special Flat Rate, it won’t apply.

You are entitled to send 1 flat rate envelope domestic and international. The package must weigh no more than 70 lbs. domestically and 4 lbs. internationally.

What Can Go In A USPS Flat Rate Envelope?

If it fits into the envelope, it doesn’t matter if it is an extra large envelope, no tape is needed. Any and all objects can be placed in the envelope.

To get your child to think bigger than the envelope, I recommend using a shoe box.

What Can’t Go In A USPS Flat Rate Envelope?

As with any piece of mail that passes through the USPS mail system, there are prohibited and restricted items for Flat Rate Envelopes. They are subject to search by the postal employee, and some of them will be opened to check for prohibited items. This search goes beyond just looking at the address on the envelope.

Per [Wiki]: The primary purpose of a weapons ban is to reduce the number
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If you have doubts about the delivery of an item, you can check the website of the United States Customs and Border Protection for more information.

If you are a smoker, an alcoholic, or a drug addict, there are some things you should avoid.

“Locked items” are items you have to buy from the shop. Some of them are very expensive but are worth buying to increase your skill points.

When you order something through the store you can’t send it to them. But to an address outside the country you could send it. There was a guide on the wikipedia page how to do that.

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 Flat Rate envelopes are a great alternative to other shipping methods, like air mail, that carry a much higher price. USPS Flat Rate envelopes are your best choice for shipping large, heavy items like furniture and even appliances.

As long as your Flat Rate envelope weighs less than 70 pounds, has a maximum dimension of 108 inches, closes on itself and doesn’t contain prohibited items, then the sky’s the limit for what you can mail.

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