How Many Stamps For 5 Ounces? (all You Need To Know)

It’s probably best to leave that to the people that work for the USPS. I can tell you that the USPS has rules that they follow when deciding to classify a piece of mail. It’s their job to know what is legal and what is illegal to mail.

A five-ounce parcel is considered to be less than a half-ounce and is priced according to the half-ounce. The postage for one half-ounce of mail is $0.01.

How Many Stamps For 5 Ounces In 2022?

The United States Postal Service’s First-Class individual Forever stamp price is $0.58; thus, four Forever stamps would cover $1 in postage. The $0.20 additional ounce stamp would cover another $0.20 in postage. To cover the remaining $0.02, three one-cent stamps would be required. It is easy to see that the postal rate for a single regular letter (or a single small package) is actually $0.98.

For the postage calculation, you find the total weight of this envelope is 5 ounces. Then you multiply the cost of a first-class stamp by that weight. You add in the 5 ounces of postage and divide by the total weight of the envelope. The final answer is 19.6 cents.

How Do You Calculate How Many Stamps You Need?

If you are using stamps to use the postage for the package, you are using First-Class postage.

You can only use postage for mail that is sent to a physical address in the United States.

For example, a first-class letter mail must weigh less than one ounce and be less than 51/4 inches in length to meet the postage need.

And if the envelope is heavier than an ounce but is not over 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, additional postage is needed.

You can see that every additional ounce of weight is a 20% increase in postage. This translates to $2.15 cost per cubic foot.

If the package is any bigger than that or heavier than 13 ounces, then you have a package that is no longer eligible for first-class shipping.

The post office calculates postage, but it depends on your weight and the value of your package. The higher the value or the weight, the more postage you will have to pay. If you are going to be mailing a lot of things, you should always check the rates at your local post office because they might be changed.

And so it goes, adding $0.20 per ounce until we hit the maximum weight of 13 ounces. The maximum price is $3.56.

If you have a list of your products that you wish to post and the
size of each product, you calculate how much postage you would
normally pay for a package of that size and add that postage to the
price of the item you are posting.

This means you need to know the physical size of the letters and flats you will send.

The letter weight envelope is $1.18 to mail. It is $0.58 to mail with Forever stamps. Using three of those might be a good idea.

So, you see the logic in using Forever stamps to mail letters. But, to mail a large number of letters, there are other things to consider.

So, if you only have a dollar in your budget to purchase postage stamps, the best thing to do is to put two Forever stamps on the envelope.

How Much Does It Cost To Mail 5 Ounces?

You can use USPS priority mail, USPS media mail, or if you have a lot of weight to ship, you can use a shipping method that lets your item get to its final destination safely and on time.

If you use Forever stamps for half of your return, you pay $0.52 in First Class shipping. If you use both First Class and Forever stamps, you pay $1.96.

I would recommend using a service like [Name of the service here]. They have some great apps for mobile and desktop.

I mean, the whole concept behind postal mail is that there is a cost that is added for each item, so you would want to get the proper class for the item, like Priority Mail for electronics, Priority Mail Flat-Rate for magazines, etc.

There is no charge for Priority Mail shipping with UPS for items under one pound and Zone 1-9. The cost for Zone 10-14 is $14.90.

You can buy Priority Mail Flat-Rate envelopes for just $8.95, regardless of shipping zone.

Because of the size-preference, it’s likely that the postal carrier can’t load it into a regular priority envelope.

You can also ship Priority Mail Express envelopes, but it costs a lot: $40.95 for a two-day delivery guarantee, or $80.95 for a guaranteed next-day delivery.

Or, you might opt for the USPS Standard Shipping flat rate, which is $7.00 for anything less than 9 pounds.

If you’re shipping a package abroad, then look at your own country’s international price chart, and the Postage Price Calculator’s international shipping chart.

To know more about USPS stamps, you can read our posts on USPS stamp types, do USPS stamps expire, and USPS 70 cent stamps.


If you don’t want to pay for Flat Rate Shipping, you can take advantage of UPS’s free shipping, even if your package is heavier than four ounces.

If you were to buy a pound of paper, it would cost $0.23 to ship it, plus one Forever stamp and an extra stamp. That would cover $0.65 worth of stamps.

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