Does Target Price Match Ebay? (all You Need To Know)

At Target, you are sure of what you can afford and you will be attracted to our incredible low prices that match our competitors’ prices.

If you buy from eBay and you want a price match, it is definitely not a simple task since you need to check the price on eBay and see which item and seller is cheaper.

Does Target Price Match eBay In 2022?

In order to get a price match, shoppers need to fill out a special request form. The form will include your email address. After you submit, you’ll receive a confirmation email and have approximately 5 calendar days to submit a request to a different price. After that, a Target store employee will help you confirm your request.

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If you’re planning to shop online when you’re feeling good about yourself, chances are you have some expectations about how the shopping experience is going to play out. Whether it’s on a shopping website like Amazon or a marketplace retailer like Costco, you might have high expectations about what the checkout process has in store for you.

What Stores Does Target Price Match?

The e-commerce giant will price match retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart and Costco.

What Is Target’s Price Match Policy?

Target’s price match policy says that if you find a better price for something you have bought (or are looking to buy) at another qualifying store, then you can get the same price at Target as the lower price at the other store.

The conditions of this price match policy are that: you have to request the price match while buying the product; you have to request the price match within 14 days after the purchase.

Additionally, the product that you want to price match must be in stock at the competitor’s location and both items must be identical in brand, color, size and weight.

How Do I Price Match An Item At Target?

If you want to price match, you should bring the item with valid proof of a lower price at another store to Target’s Guest Services counter.

Target does not accept photocopies and screenshots as valid proof so make sure you have an actual picture with you to use.

If you purchase an item at, you can call Target Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869 and provide the details of the product you want to match.

Also, if your order is pick-up at the store, you can request a price match by asking the store associate to fill out a price match form.

To qualify for price matching, Target will make sure the item is actually for sale at the lower price at a competitor before making a match.

The policy states that if you purchase the item from Target at the regular price and find a better deal on a different website within the 14 day time period, you can return it and get a price match, provided that it is in the same or better condition.

What Are The Limitations Of Target’s Price Match Policy?

The policy also stated that the product had to be physically identical. However, if an item has a small variation in design, such as a slight color change, then it is not a match.

If your items are new, you must provide us with the original receipt, or other proof of purchase if you are unable to provide us with the original receipt.

You can’t purchase a free gift with your purchase so you can’t price match something that is being sold as a free gift or buy one get one free.

Target’s policy is that in-store prices must be exact or better. This means that if the price is the same at another store, we have to match the price to be eligible for the price match, and if that store’s price is not on, then we will match that. [Original] To learn more about our price match policy, please visit our Price Match page.

Does eBay Price Match Target?

if you find an item selling for lower at a competitor, your store can get you a 110% refund instead of the store getting it and then you making a refund.

Here is the list of companies that you must negotiate with to get the free shipping.

You can also see our guide on how to find if your best price is on Amazon, Walmart, or GameStop right here.


Although Target does not price match eBay, it does price match many other online competitors such as Amazon and Walmart in order to provide its customers with the best deals.
You can check this for yourself by visiting Target’s website and looking for their “Price Match Guarantee”.

If you purchase an item and you are willing to request a price match, then you can request price match within 14 days following your purchase, which is valid in all US states and international locations.

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