Does Target Price Match Walgreens? (simply Explained)

In order to stay competitive, Target offers customers a price match policy. When retailers cannot offer a price match due to a price difference, Target will price match the product.

Well, no! Target does not match Walgreens. If you find a price match at Walgreens, that price will not be the same at Target! However, you can get a lower price at Target or an even better price at other retailers.

Does Target Price Match Walgreens In 2022?

Target’s price match policy is a great way to get big discounts on the things you need. As of 2022, you won’t have to show in-store proof of a lower price at Walgreens. All you have to do is buy the item in store or online at, and then show proof, either digitally or on paper, that it was advertised at a lower price at Walgreens.

The first thing you need to know about Target’s price match policy is you must purchase a qualifying item from Target. The second thing is the items must be exact. The third is you must purchase the item from Target only and you must use the Target coupon. The fourth is you must purchase the item from Target online.

What Is The Price Match Policy At Target For Walgreens?

Target is happy to price match items bought from Walgreens, but the item must be identical in brand name, color, size, and model number.

Additionally, if the price is between MSRP and Target’s Best Price Guarantee price, you are eligible for a price match.

If Walgreens cannot verify the lower price, it reserves the right to decline the price match with Target.

According to, shoppers can make up to four in-store price adjustments on the same day. So why is Target limiting price matching to one per day, including Walgreens? The truth is, Walmart hasn’t had to deal with Target on price matching.
Target is the biggest online retailer in America by a long shot. With about $45 billion in annual sales, Target competes directly with Walmart for shoppers.

Can I Get A Price Match At Target After I’ve Purchased An Item From Walgreens?

If Walgreens is selling an item you bought for more money at Target, Target will offer you a price adjustment on some items to help you save money within 14 days after the purchase.

If you are considering making a purchase from Target, please note that you must have a valid form of payment on file at the time of purchase. To create a payment method file, please visit a Target store location where you are able to add funds to your Target card. You may also link your existing payment method file to your Target account from your Target mobile app, and Target mobile app, or by calling 1-888-840-8737.

In this video, I will explain how you can apply for a refund.
Watch out for more videos about how to get free money from Amazon and Target.

How Can I Price Match Walgreens In A Target Store?

If Walgreens has an item that Target doesn’t, you can get a price match at check out.

It’s as easy as bringing proof of a better price at Walgreens (through a printed advertisement or Walgreens website) and Target staff will approve the price match.

You must bring your original evidence to the store where you purchased the item. Only a qualified customer service representative can help you.

How Can I Price Match Walgreens On

If you found a target item selling for less than a Walgreens store, you can request a price match from Walgreens to get the difference.

To make this all happen, you should call the Guest Services at Walgreens Customer Service at 1-800-971-6600 and tell them that you want to match their price for the item.

Once Target has verified that an identical item is indeed being sold for less than the price it offers, it will process your request and either make the refund for the difference or give you a modified price to pay. The refund will show in your original method payment and your statement (if you use one of those to make the payment).

What Can Target Not Price Match Against Walgreens?

For example, if you find a lower price on the Internet, you cannot price match at Target.

You also cannot price match a competitor’s item that was purchased at a store.

And, you cannot price match an item that was purchased online if the store has no physical location in your area.

We hope that these few tips help you with your pricing strategy, and we look forward to serving you.

A Target store in Alaska and Hawaii has different prices than the same Target store in Minnesota.
So you can see that price matching is done based on zip codes and states…in the USA at least.

The first sale in a series of sales can’t be exchanged if the product was not in stock at the first sale. If the product is not in stock at the first sale, the buyer will have to pay the full price of the first sale.

If you purchased a mobile phone from one of our stores and you need to exchange the mobile phone or purchase a different mobile phone, you can do so at the store for a price that may be lower than what you paid for the mobile phone.

Items that are bought on a one-off purchase, such as furniture, or that require installation.

Target can not price match items with several coupons. Target does not allow you to stack your offers such as Target Circle Coupons. The target coupon policy and Target’s price match policy are two different things. You should first check out what Target coupons are allowed and then make sure your price matches are not restricted by adding multiple coupon codes at once. You can usually add multiple Target promo codes at a time.

If you need help with any of our products or services, or would like to speak with a representative, please visit one of our retail stores or contact our Customer Service Department by phone.

Does Walgreens Price Match Target?

The company has not priced match Target since it opened in 2003.

For example, you are comparing a $12.00 item offered on to a $10.00 item offered on their own website. If the online retailer offers a lower price, we will match the price.

  Remember to search for coupon and item offer codes to be sure you save as much as possible. Many Walgreens coupons are not offered on their website.

What Other Retailers Does Target Price Match?

Target is able to offer a price match to 28 additional stores for eligible purchases, such as,, Kmart, and Walmart.

You can check on Target, their website tells you that if you’re a retailer or retailer with inventory you can price match.

For more information on this, you can read our related blog post on the Walgreens price match policy, if Target price matches Amazon, and if Target price matches their website.


After recently expanding its price match policy, Target now offers price matches on the Walgreens products. You can do so in-stores or in the online store by providing digital or printed proof of a lower price at Walgreens.

If you purchase an item in a Walgreens store, you can request a price match for the same item you purchased in a Walgreens store, or for items purchased in Walgreens stores in other states. You must ask for a price match within 7 days of store purchase.

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