Does Walgreens Price Match? [full Policy Explained!] 

Walgreens is one of the most accessible drugstore chains all over the U.S. so, I would assume that Walgreens prices match.

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Does Walgreens Price Match In 2022?

No, Walgreens does not price match their competitors. However, Walgreens does price match for its own products, including prescriptions and contact lenses. Additionally, Walgreens does price match other stores for certain brands, as long as it’s the exact same brand, size, weight, and quantity.

If you want to get a better understanding of how Walgreens works, understand the conditions that make it possible, and other ways to save money, keep reading!

Does Walgreens Price Match Its Competitors? 

How does Walgreens price match CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Costco, GoodRx, or Walmart? Walgreens employees will look up the prices of products from their competitors, which are in their price books. The store employees will then look up the price of the product online and match it. However, this is only if the prices match, otherwise Walgreens employees will contact a customer service representative about how to price match the competitor’s product.

Does Walgreens Price Match Its Stores?

Walgreens does not price match its products across its stores. Despite reports that prices across Walgreens stores vary by as much as 55%, you cannot price match these products at your nearest Walgreens store.

In the end, your decision will be determined by the convenience of your local stores, as well as your budget.

Does Walgreens Price Match Prescriptions? 

This rule holds true for nearly every major retailer that carries prescriptions. Even though a drugstore may not appear to be a “major retailer,” if you are looking for something that you can pick up and take home with you that night, chances are you will be better off if you find that drugstore on the corner.

Does Walgreens Price Match Contact Lenses? 

But there are contact lens stores that do price match. Let me give you, they do have one store in Dallas, Texas that does price match contact lenses.

Does Walgreens Price Match Their Online And In-Store Prices? 

So I would guess that you would have to call them first to make sure what will work best for your area.

The only form of price matching that Walgreens supports is emailing in the lower price of a competitor’s coupon.

This is different than asking them to price match only one part of the transaction, showing proof from a nearby competitor to the proof of price from Walgreens. This is often very simple to do by asking the cashier to price match on the item on the receipts or showing the receipt. I have found that many cashiers will price match their items if you follow their line of dialog.

And even if you find a lower price, there are a few additional fees. You will be charged a $15.00 transaction fee for the cheaper Walgreens price, and you’ll receive a $5.00 mail-in rebate for the lower price. Walgreens offers their own insurance plan, and as long as you meet certain criteria, the Walgreens insurance plan covers your lower cost prescription.

What Are The Conditions For Price Matching At Walgreens?

If you can’t match all or part of the price, you can match the product’s total price for the exact same products on the exact same day.

However, if you find a lower price on the same item from any other retailer, they are not always guaranteed to honor our price match. They may price match some items, but not others.

A price discrepancy occurs when the price you’re quoted online or on your print copy does not meet the price on the website. If you buy the item online, print a copy of the receipt and show it at a store to be price matched. If you buy the item in store, ask store staff for a list of their prices. You have to use the exact product name as stated on the website or printout, and keep your receipt as verification.

How Many Times Can You Price Match A Product At Walgreens? 

To qualify for the price match, you must be purchasing your qualifying item(s) from your Walmart Pharmacy Benefit Advisor.

How Can You Save Money While Buying From Walgreens? 

It is possible to get a better deal than when you purchase from your favorite retailer at a lower price when you purchase in Walgreens stores.

You could go to Walgreens and see if they can help you lower your bill.

Another interesting note on the CVS pharmacy savings is that you can receive cash rebates when you are purchasing prescription products. You will need to have a prescription to get the rebate.


Walgreens is one of the few pharmacies that doesn’t charge a fee to customers to price match. They do, however, require a receipt from the original seller if they are not able to match the price.

You cannot price match those who have purchased from you before, competitors, promotional products, those sold in the past, prescriptions, contact lenses, or health services. You are also limited to one transaction per customer per day.

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