Does Walmart Price Match Target? [all You Need To Know] 

Walmart offers price match guarantee for all products sold at WalMart and online, and guarantees customers that they can get the exact same item sold at other stores for lower prices.

Target will indeed match prices and promotions on specific items as well.

However, it seems Target has an agreement that they do not match prices on specific items to their competitors.

I’ve done my research and Target does not meet all of the requirements to be a price match. Also, if you find an item you want at Target for less than Walmart and it’s available on the item’s website or on a competitor’s website, it’s not a price match.

You can read more about your rights to price match at the Amazon Associate Program Rules.

Does Walmart Price Match Target In 2022?

Walmart will no longer price match Target. If you are in the market for an item that you saw sold at Target and don’t see it on, you can still submit a request by contacting Customer Care before placing your order. Walmart does not price match Target store and sale prices or ads that cannot guarantee the original price.

To find item availability, Walmart will compare product specifications to a competitor’s online product listing.
The price match request will be initiated and confirmed at the time of check out. The item must be in stock, available, and in the same shipping location, unless you have it available for pickup.

How Do I Price Match Target Items At Walmart?

You have to do your shopping at and then contact and explain the issue. Walmart Customer Care will make price adjustments and refund the difference.

The product must be identical in size, model, quantity, brand, and color to pass verification. Additionally, the item must be in stock at {{site-link-url}} and {{retailer-link-url}} at the time of the request.

Walmart’s limit on price match requests for single items per person per day only applies to New Mexico residents who are buying the products for resale, and not for those people who are just shopping for their own use.

Does Walmart Price Match Target Ads?

If you find the price on Walmart is lower than the Target price, the Target price will be honored. If Walmart does not offer the same price, you will be charged the Walmart price.

You can purchase items in bulk which are included in a multi-buy promotion and you will only receive the lowest price on the promotion.

The price of a product advertised in an online ad may be matched by However, the time period in which the price match applies may vary.

Customers do not need a copy of the Target advertisement, but valid promotions must come directly from

Does Walmart Price Match Target Sales?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not price match any items in Target sales including promotions, offers or sales that can be applied with a percentage deduction.

Items in clearance, flash, limited quantity, or closing down sale at Target will not be price matched by Walmart. Other than that, items in a Black Friday, Cyber Week, or Pre Black Friday sale event will not be price matched on either.

Can Walmart Deny My Target Price Match Request?

Walmart can deny any price match request at any time they want so long as they are on

In case of a coupon or promo with a target, the coupon or promo will be applied in your cart and the price will be matched. This offer will be declined.

Walmart has the ability to deny a request for price matching if a difference is found between two identical products.

Amazon Marketplace has a price match policy that will match prices from third-party sellers to what you have paid at Target, but if you go on Amazon and buy from Target your price will not be compared.

Can I Price Match Items I Have Already Purchased At Walmart? 

If you have a product that you would like to sell, go into the [product category ID] and click ‘Add to Cart’ then you can select the [product name] and [product option] and you can include a [product price] if you would like to price match.

And that’s all it takes!

If you think the price of an item is mis-matched with another retailer, please contact us and we will be glad to check the price for you.

Does Walmart Price Match Target Shipping Fees?

Walmart will not price match shipping, handling, and/or any other fees or charges.

While some other items can be combined with other items, the shipping cost for the combined items can not be determined.

Does Target Price Match Walmart? does not price-match, but they will price-match a competitor. You only have 14 days to request a price match.

Like Walmart, Target only price matches brand name items. They will not match items on sale and will not match items that are advertised with no evidence of the original price or coupons.

Costco’s price match policy is a little more flexible. Not only is it based on a price being within a certain percentage of the current price, it also allows for a price match if the product costs more or less than the price match request.

You need to contact Guest Services to find out if you can get a price match on the product you purchased.

I was wondering if you knew anything about price matching Amazon Prime memberships to

Conclusion: Does Walmart Price Match Target?

You can contact Walmart Customer Service to request a price match for all items sold through Walmart’s online platforms. Requests for sale prices, coupons, and advertisements without a fixed price will not be accepted by Walmart along with those for used, damaged, or refurbished goods.

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