Does Walmart Price Match Staples? [all You Need To Know]

Since 1962, Walmart has stayed true to its mission of selling people everyday essentials at reasonable prices, which has helped attract loyal customers.
But it took another, more fundamental, shift to truly bring Walmart into the 21st century.

If you buy your groceries from Walmart, you can be 100% sure that you will get a great deal on your groceries. Walmart guarantees to sell groceries at the best price. However, if you buy your groceries from someone else, you would not be able to price match Walmart. Walmart does not price match other retailers, unless you are making a purchase directly from Walmart.

Does Walmart Price Match Staples In 2022?

Walmart will also continue to offer free, fast shipping on orders of any size and will be providing $100-$200 in free in-store credit to all customers, free returns for 90 days, and free delivery on online orders.

Walmart is an online superstore that offers amazing deals and great prices on everything a customer might want to buy. If you’d like to know all there is, about their price match guarantee, read on!

How Do I Price Match Staples At Walmart?

If you find a better Walmart price for the same item you found on Staples. You can request a price match by calling customer care.

If you find a better price on for the same item, you can request a price match for the item.

Second, make sure there is no difference between the product being purchased from Amazon, and the product being purchased from Staples.

It is also recommended that you gather specific product names, codes, and prices to submit your request smoothly.

A representative from Walmart will ask a few questions about your order and if its final price is being lowered to make you agree to the lower price. Once someone agrees to the lower price, the Walmart associate will make the price lower and confirm the order with the rest of their staff.

Walmart did their best to make people mad by making them think they no longer get the price match, but it still exists.

Does Walmart Price Match Staples Ads?

No, the policy is that you can’t have a No Buy One Get One Free ad on on a product found on The price does not have to be the same.

If you go to Walmart and buy 3 of the same item, it will not be discounted when you buy 3 of the same item. promotional offers are not eligible on does not pre-screen or monitor its advertisements, and we cannot verify the validity of any promotional offer. Please review the advertised item’s details carefully.

So, let’s make sure we are not missing anything. In the future, we will not approve requests from Walmart if we have an error or miscommunication attached to the request.

Does Walmart Price Match Staples Sales?

We have an Best Seller Guarantee(tm) program in addition to our low price guarantee. It is available to both new and to existing customers and can be found on our new and used products.

Walmart is taking down price match requests during seasonalsales such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Cyber Week.

Can Walmart Deny My Staples Price Match Request?

If you are looking to shop with the retailer that doesn’t take advantage of price match policy, you may be interested in the Walmart Credit. This program allows you to shop at Walmart with your Walmart card and receive cash back.

Staples will immediately close your request if the products on your order are missing from our web store, and your prices may differ than those shown in checkout.

The prices provided by the merchants of Walmart Marketplace cannot be compared to

Will Walmart Price Match An Item I Have Already Purchased?

No, Walmart will not price match an item once it has been purchased as the associate who took the action cannot lower the price once the item has been purchased.

When an order is placed, you will receive a return authorization note with a unique code, which you then use to send the product you will need to return. Please contact us if you’ve never ordered from us before.

Does Walmart Price Match Staples Shipping Fees?

Walmart allows you to match online purchases with in-store purchases, but you should consider that the online costs are not included in the overall delivery fee.

Does Staples Price Match Walmart?

Yes, Staples will price match products found in-store at Walmart and will also price match certain products found on the marketplace. The price match can only be applied to the item’s price, not shipping or other fees.

As previously mentioned, like Best Buy, Staples does not price match Walmart during seasonal sale events, coupon deals, Gift Cards, or promotions without a fixed price.

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Conclusion: Does Walmart Price Match Staples?

You can get price matching in the US. However, you need to contact the customer care to get the price matching for your countries.
You will be charged for the products you buy on
Some products are excluded from price matching on

– Walmart does not price match Staples.
– Walmart does not match prices on items included in promotional events, promotions without specific prices, and coupons.
– Walmart does not price match items from Staples.
– Walmart does not price match products on clearance or sale.

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