Does Target Price Match Walmart? (Full Guide)

Target is a large, well-known, and well-loved chain of discount stores. And because Target is a big chain, they often have a large margin of profit compared to other retailers.

It doesn’t appear that Target will offer any of the price matching on Walmart’s low-cost items. This means you can’t expect Target to match the prices of Walmart by $5 and try to get Target to match Walmart’s prices by more than that. However, Target will match Walmart on items that are at the same price with no difference in quality.

Does Target Price Match Walmart In 2022?

Target will now match prices on the exact same item as Walmart, both online and in-stores. Customers can make the request to a Target store or by contacting Guest Services within 14 days of purchase and submitting valid proof. Target will not match discounts or rollbacks from Walmart.

If you do make a price match request you should take the time to make a list of any goods you’d like to bring back and make sure you’re not carrying any items out of the store that won’t qualify for the price match.

What Is The Price Match Policy At Target?

You can get the exact same item at, Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers at prices lower than the price you pay at Target. Target will match any lower price from another retailer, so your purchase at Target will be cheaper than it would be at another online or in-store retailer.

If you find an same item with the same brand name, size, weight, color, quantity, and model number in the same store within 14 days of purchase, you can ask for a price adjustment.

How Do I Request A Price Match At Target?

Target has a policy which allows shoppers who find the exact item they wanted to buy but found it for a cheaper price to be given a coupon to use on the item they just bought.

For items bought online, you should visit and request a price match, providing the item number and the link to the promotion or product listing on our site. will verify the price for you, so you don’t need to bring any proof that the price has gone down.

You can see more information about price matching at Target’s price match help page.

How Do I Show Proof Of A Lower Price From Walmart?

When visiting your local Walmart store or, you can show an item’s price on your mobile device. Once you’ve done so, the price will be verified on a special device.
You can also use this feature to compare prices from other stores.

Printed ads will be picked up and processed by our team member. The digital version of the ad is used for our targeted campaigns.

Please make sure that your advertisement is in its original condition. In addition, photos, photocopies and screenshot will not be accepted as proof.

What Conditions Apply For Target To Price Match Walmart?

Products can be exchanged for a price match but must be exactly the same as the item your purchase.

It should be noted that the sale is occurring in the same unit of measure.

Therefore, if you are shopping at Walmart, and you think you have found an item which you paid more for, in a previous visit to Target, be sure to check that it is in the exact same condition before requesting a price match at Target.

Does Target Price Match Walmart Discount Deals?

Some of our stores may price match at Walmart. Please be sure to check availability.

Target will match all prices, including in-store clearance items, for purchases made prior to the advertised end date. Target will only match prices for in-store purchases made in the U.S. We will match prices for purchases made in Canada made in-store or online. We will not match prices for purchases made outside the U.S. and Canada.

What Exclusions Apply For Target To Price Match Walmart?

-Damaged or lost items
-Expired or closed
-Items that are eligible to be returned
-Items that have been altered or customized to be ineligible for price matching.
-Items from third-party sellers
-Items that can’t be resold
-Items that have been used
-Items that are still in the target’s inventory.

If you are still confused about the policy, we suggest that you call Target directly for assistance.

The Target Price Match Guarantee helps you get great prices on millions of Target brand and private-brand items.

Since Black Friday is the first day to get in-store specials, you’ll want to check if the retailer you plan to visit has any sales events or coupons going on.

You can see if a store matches eBay prices by checking the “Price Match” tab, and you can see if a store matches Walmart prices by checking the “Price Match” tab.
Also, keep in mind that you can also compare stores to one another and find out if a store matches an eBay auction.


In order to be eligible for a lower price Target will match a Walmart sale if you return the item within 14 days for an exchange or refund.

If a Walmart price is cheaper, Target will pay the difference.

Once the winner is chosen, they will be notified and if they want to participate they will be required to send me the items within 15 days of when the win was chosen and I will ship the items to them.

Note that Target may limit quantities to one or may restrict some types of sales. We are not responsible for and we do not recommend using any type of sales tactics to obtain this or any other discount.

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