Does Target Price Match? (Yes, With Certain Conditions…) 

Target is the retailer that we all love and know. Its iconic red logo can be recognized from far away. It’s easy to believe that we know everything about Target. This includes its superstore, restock times and mobile app.

Target’s position on price matching is confusing. Is Target willing to price match? Although they do have a comprehensive price matching policy, it is so confusing and wordy!

We did the research and have summarized all you need to know about Target’s price matching policy.

Is Target Price Matchable?

Target will price match local competitors within 25 miles from its store. Target will match the cost of the same product (brand, model, weight, color and quantity) provided you request it within 14 days.

Note that Target stores in Alaska and Hawaii do not match the prices of online competitors.

What is Target’s Price Match Policy and How Does It Work?

Price match is possible for any product you purchased at that was less expensive than This includes local competitors within 25 miles, online competitors and print ads. Target’s mobile app must price match with your target product.

All price match requests must be made within 14 days of purchase. To verify, the employee will need the proof of purchase. Instead of a screenshot, you must display the price in live view.

You can either show a Target employee the printed advertisement or a digital copy of it. The advertisement must remain in its original condition. They won’t accept photocopies, screenshots or photos of the advertisement as proof.

The item must also be identical in brand, size and weight as well as color and model numbers. Target does not guarantee price matches for certain items, but we will discuss them later.

Who does Target Price Match?

Target price matches with approximately 30 competitors, including Amazon and Apple, CVS and Costco, Barnes and Nobles, Home Depot and Gamestop.

The complete list of competitors can be viewed here.

Target Price Match:

Simply bring proof of purchase along with evidence of a lower price from a competitor to Target’s customer service desk. The customer service representative will verify the price and match it accordingly.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Proof: Local print or smartphone ad
  • Receipt for purchase

However, you can still get a price match at any of the checkout lanes. But it will take much longer.

For price matching with call Guest Services at 1-888-591-3869 within 14 day of purchase.

Target Does Not Price Match Certain Products

Target’s price-matching policy is not applicable to all customers. Target will not price match

Is the Target Price a Match for Alcohol?

Target will price match alcohol-containing items, but this will be subject to state regulation. Target also does not price match alcohol purchased from online exclusive retailers like Amazon.

Is the Target Price a Match for Out-of Stock Items?

Target doesn’t price match out of stock items online or offline. Target offers rain checks for items that are not in stock at their local Target.

Do Holiday Deals Match Target Price?

Target prices match holiday deals because of its Holiday Price Match Guarantee. You can request a price match within 14-days of purchasing holiday deals between October 10 and December 24.

These same price matching rules apply. Bring your receipt and proof of lower prices along with your smartphone to customer service.

Please note that the Holiday Price Match guarantee was introduced only in 2021. Therefore, its policies for 2022 are still unknown.

Target accepts coupons with a price match

Manufacturer coupons can be used for price matching, but only for in-store purchase. After the price adjustment, the coupon will be applied. Target Coupons, registry completion coupons and Target Circle offers that offer a price match cannot be used.

Amazon and Target price match?

Target and all retailers will price match, but Target is still subject to its price matching policies. This means that you can’t price match:

  • Third-party sellers may sell items
  • Amazon Prime deals
  • Amazon Fresh exclusive deals
  • Refurbished, damaged or used items
  • Amazon add-on products

Is eBay’s Target Price the Same as eBay?

Target doesn’t price match with ebay. It is not known why but eBay has a remarkable low price and aggressive price matching with over 50,000 stores.

Target prices match Walmart prices?

Yes, Target price matches with Walmart’s brick-and-mortar stores and its online stores. You can also bring your proof of lower price, original purchase receipt and your smartphone to customer service.


Target will price match if you provide proof of purchase within 14-days of purchasing the item. Price matching can only be done for identical items, regardless of brand, model, color, or quantity. Target stores in Hawaii and Alaksa do not price match.

How was your experience with price matching at Target? Are there any “hacks” or inconveniences that readers might find helpful? Please let us know by commenting below!

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