Does Autozone Price Match? (Yes, But With These 5 Conditions)

AutoZone, one of America’s most trusted automotive parts and accessories retailers, has 6,400 locations in the United States, Mexico and Brazil.

Online retailers are gaining popularity for automotive parts. This means consumers can now find better deals online from the comfort of their own homes.

Brick-and-mortar shops have taken to price matching in order to stay competitive with online retailers. Target, Kohl’s and Home Depot are just a few of the retailers that offer price matching.

Is there a price match for AutoZone? Continue reading to find out!

AutoZone Price Matches?

AutoZone price matches with O’Reilly’s and Walmart. AutoZone price matches only with local competitors in the area. and online competitors are not eligible.

How can you get a price match at AutoZone

AutoZone requires that you meet a few conditions before they are able to offer a price match service. These policies are listed below.

  • AutoZone must be able to provide proof that the competitor’s price is lower. You can use a photograph of a lower advertised price or an advertisement flyer.
  • AutoZone must select the target competitor. This includes any local competitors.
  • Targeted competitors must not include online retailers.
  • AutoZone doesn’t price match their online stores.
  • You must have the product you want to price match in stock

These criteria will ensure that you are able to match the price in AutoZone.

What is the AutoZone Price Adjustment Policy (APO)?

AutoZone price matches its competitors but does not adjust prices. Price matching is comparing the prices of identical products from different retailers, while price adjustment compares prices from one retailer.

If you buy a brake from AutoZone and find out that it sold the same brake last year at a lower price, then you can’t ask for a refund.

AutoZone may consider price adjustments if other companies implement this strategy.

Is the AutoZone price match online?

AutoZone doesn’t price match online, regardless if it’s the AutoZone Online Store or any other online auto parts retailer.

Is AutoZone’s price comparable to Amazon?

AutoZone prices do not match Amazon. This is because Amazon primarily operates on digital domains. It can be considered an online retailer.

Apart from that, Amazon is made up of many independent vendors. AutoZone doesn’t include them on their price match list.

Is the AutoZone price comparable to eBay?

AutoZone doesn’t price match eBay. eBay is an auction site. According to Autozone’s price matching policy, it is not eligible for price matching.

Additionally, eBay sellers are often individuals. Price matching is invalid if it isn’t sold by corporations listed by AutoZone.

Is the AutoZone price comparable to Walmart?

AutoZone price matches Walmart stores. AutoZone is often located in the same area as Walmart, making it easy to price match. Walmart shares many products with AutoZone. This makes it one of AutoZone’s competitors.

If you wish to price match at AutoZone, keep an eye on Walmart for lower deals.

AutoZone Price Matches RockAuto

AutoZone won’t match RockAuto’s price because it is an internet retailer.

However, in some cases, employees have reported that AutoZone would allow price matching with Rock Auto, provided they had the same warranty. Overnight shipping costs will be added.

If the AutoZone branch near you is located close to the manufacturer of the product RockAuto ships, then you could try your luck. AutoZone, as a corporate body does not price match RockAuto.

AutoZone will usually honor a price match with RockAuto on an individual basis or in accordance with branch management decisions. AutoZone might abandon its establish policy if this means that it is attracting customers other than its direct customers like RockAuto.

AutoZone Price Match Napa

AutoZone price matches Napa because it is located in the same areas as AutoZone. Despite this, Napa is more expensive than AutoZone so it is unlikely you will find lower-priced products.

You can still request a price match if all conditions are met.

Does AutoZone Price Match O’Reilly?


If you find a lower-priced product at O’Reilly than Autozone, with the same warranty and exact features, you may request a price match.


AutoZone’s brick and mortar stores can match prices for as long as:

Due to significant cost differences, it is well-known that physical stores don’t price match with online sellers. AutoZone is likely to have to adapt as the digital landscape changes.

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